Hook on Galilea

One quick question, a friend of mine was playing Galilea, and he got hooked and pulled by Ghalt while in his ultimate Abyssal form. Is that actually possible, since we always considered her to be invulnerable for those few seconds?

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From what I’ve seen about how ghalts hook works, I think it’s based on an AOE mechanic. I can’t say for sure, but I think this is one of those situations where you cant be targeted by most things, but can be hit by aoe.

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it does work and it should work. i have also stunned her out of it with el dragon. i long for the day when they rework galilea once and for all. still has 3x the kit of any two characters combined


I’ve hooked, and been hooked Kelvin in Mist form, so yeah…it’s possible. If anyone is supposed to be invulnerable, it’s Kelvin in Sublimate form. Not true with Ghalt around. Be aware. That’s the one thing Ghalt has to his advantage. HERE COMES THE HOOK!

Thank you everyone for answers! :slight_smile: Now I know few more tricks and counters.

[quote=“duke666, post:1, topic:1540257, full:true”]Is that actually possible, since we always considered her to be invulnerable for those few seconds?

Galilea still takes damage and can still be targeted while in Abyssal Form. I’ve gone into Abyssal Form at low health (because healing) and died partway through it by getting swarmed by enemies.


It does work. You can get hit out of ult by:


I think I’m missing one in SaA but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t though.

I’ve also noticed I can stick grenades to her as Whisky Foxtrot. The interesting thing about those is that they slow her down even more, but extend the time they are on because they don’t blow up until after she comes up. That was an interesting observation.

What… So you can hook gally out of her little puddle of blackness with Ghalt!? “step into my officeeeee”

Use a CC type gear and will help escaping if caught by certain battleborn online.

Clothesline on Dragon by any chance?

For as far as I understand, Gali is untargetable, but not immune. This means she can still be hit by AoE effects, but targeted attacks can’t hurt her (or her hitbox is just so friggin small in that form she’s effectively untargetable).

Kelvin is the exact opposite: targetable but damage immune.

At least, this is how I’ve experienced those two.

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Pretty sure no.

The reactivate to ground smash might but I haven’t tried in a very long time.