Hooking a Blocking Char

So… this is a thing… I’m slightly confused… someone at gearbox please explain this one to me. Cuz I must be missing the memo on how this makes sense.

I’m missing the memo on this post making sense… Please explain haha, seriously I’m confused :wink:

EDIT - You talking about Ghalt hooking someone like Galilea with her shield up??

I think he’s complaining that a character with a Block ability (sheild or something) can be hit with Galts grappling hook.

Which if thats true I agree since sheilds block every other ability.


Yeah after a second read through, it started to make sense…

I’d expect something like a hook bouncing off a shield, so yeah this doesn’t make sense… Unless of course, it attaches to the outside of the shield and hooks on to it… Then it does make sense :joy:

Makes sense to me. And it’s good to have a counter to shields.


Yeah >~>

But if AoE attacks like orendi’s fire pillar cant hit people blocking then Galts hook is broken in reguards to that.

So either all abilities (or atleast AoE) bypass shields or non do.

Needs to be fixed.

Single-target beam attacks that lock on also bypass shields. Not sure if ground-based damage fields (napalm, etc) should as well, IMO, but not certain if they do.

Well not every other ability. Melka’s poison when she reloads still gets applies from what I can tell.

Why does it have to be one way or another? (Honestly asking) What’s wrong if they want the hook to be a counter to the shield? Why does a shield have to block every single thing with no counter to it? That makes even less sense to me.

And in the terms of ‘sense’ this is fantasy/sci fi, nothing has to make any sense what-so-ever imo. There is no reason to say well if Ghalt’s hook skill (Or Shane’s pull) can work on someone using a shield then a ground attack / aoe should also work. I think it’s their prerogative on how it works and there should be some sort of counter to a shield.

Just my opinion. I like it the way it is and think it shouldn’t be messed with.

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Im confused where this conversation got away from the topic lmao

Well, you didn’t really outline a topic, just made a statement so…
I agree there should be a counter to a shield and pulls kinda make sense.
But I think shields should have a counter. If they block it on impact, it fails. That way shileds will have a skill counter to the hard counter.

I disagree, there is no reason it has to be all or nothing.

One: Shields I find don’t block most AoEs. At very least, Whiskey’s Grenades and I thought Orendi’s pillars gave no cares for a block. The way I figured, it mostly blocks damage, not statuses and, believe it or not, Ghalt’s hook doesn’t deal damage (by default), it only pulls you, making it a status and not a damage skill. I’d be curious to see how this interacts with Aurox though, as I think he DOES deal damage by default.

Shayne and Aurox can do this with Fetch as well. It makes more visual sense when they do it, but hard CC is the only way to stop blockers so I don’t see any reason why my Shayne or someone else’s Ghalt shouldn’t be allowed to do this.

IIRC Blocks do not stop hard CC skills such as Galilea’s shield, ISIC’s helix’d dash, Hooks such as Shaynes and Ghalts, knockbacks such as Montana/Boldur, and etc so blocks already don’t stop everything else. They only mitigate incoming damage from the direction of the block.

a shield is still a physical item that can be grabbed

so i say this is ok

Well it seems strang Halt would be the Only character that can just bypass sheilds like they’re nothing.
And the reason it should apply for all or non is for balance.

I get characters have their ups and downs, but i doubt this was intended.
Does Shanes grab work on shielded enemies?
Can someone test that?
Cause I havent seen anything on it.

I just see it as a glitch because Galt is probably the hardest to unlock so im willing to bet he hasnt been as fully tested as the others.

Once again yes there is, balance.
because if galt can but randomly no one else can bypass sheilds like that its broken.
I very much doubt this was intended.
We’ll probably see a nerf soon for it

At the very least other abilities that could conceivably make sense in bypassing shields, they should.

I think most CC bypass shields. This includes stuns and knock ups. The hook is basically a CC ability as well.

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