Hooorah Marines

(White982) #1

Hi all. I’m new to the forum and live gaming itself. So after my kids have gone to bed I’m firing up A:CM despite my relative inexperience.
So I’m just trying to get an idea of the size of the multiplayer community.

Who’s active?

(Pulser) #2

Unfortunately, you won’t like the answer


(White982) #3

Ouch. Ah well. Might as well see what impact I can make.
If aanyone sees White982 bumbling about getting his ass kicked then say hi.

(Jake Armitage ) #4

And even less than that on PS3

(Influencer Guy) #5

Welcome to the forums, @wasteney82!

(Dark Rabbit) #6

It rose a little bit, so there still is hope :blush:

(Kennsnipes) #7

I just got this game a few weeks ago and I love it. I have a deep mania for the movie and this is pretty satisfying. My brother and I do the co-op thing when we can, but I’m trying to do the multiplayer while it exists. There IS a ticking clock, right?

(Jake Armitage ) #8

Explain ken? This game never had dedicated servers, so in theory it will last awhile. However the player base is virtually dead. If your not playing the Bug Hunt DLC, you’re missing the best part of the game. Wouldn’t waste money on the rest.