Hooray for Maggie day! Lottery!

Today’s fantastic prize is your choice of Pistols:

How many enemies have I killed with singularity grenades?

Closest wins!

I will check back tonight for the winner!


I’m not gonna play but that’s a hilarious idea for a contest!

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I’m gonna guess 247

I vendored around 600 weapons and items once the level cap went up. I figured this time I’d give everyone a shot at the stuff I don’t use. It’s free and you have better odds than drop rates. Why not lol. :grin: I usually do a couple runs a night and kill all the bosses, so I get a ton of stuff nightly. Feel free to guess if you like!


I would but better those go to someone who needs 'em. I don’t play FL4K a lot and just not a fan of consecutive hits.

Your luck must be better than mine. I get, and end up selling, a lot of worthless leggos.

Don’t be afraid to guess lol

Also if anyone is looking for any specific items feel free to message me.

I had 5 Maggie’s drop yesterday, these 2 were anoited. I also run a luck artifact, I’ve noticed an uptick in drops.

Really? I thought those were supposed to be broken. Maybe they were fixed?

Dunno, but after a couple runs I’m getting some decent stuff.

Getting 5 Maggie’s is some serious luck, I farmed Graveward 15 times this morning an got absolutely nothing but a hot dumpster fire of runny diarrhea.

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I never got one from GW.

Lol ye old wolf is crossing his fingers no one else guesses lol

The Maggie’s I’ve gotten from Graveward were obtained from the chests in his vault.

He’s a generous person, hope he gets it.

248… sorry brotha but I really want this Maggie

I’m gonna guess -12.23. Lol.
I’m not on xbox, so if I won (which seems unlikely) you can give it to someone else.
Love the idea behind this, though. =]

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Love these threads. Great idea. Guessing 446.

I’ll give mine to Ye Old Wolf if I win, he’s hooked me up in the past.

Guessing 100

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I’m gonna guess about 5

I’m gonna say 450

166 kills! crosses fingers :joy: