Hope COV and tediore is next for buffs

Really really hoping COV or tediore are next cuz man I think they both majorly need love. For cov its damage and maybe repair time speed. For tediore its damage maybe ammo capacity and for sure when guns turn into turrets and stuff major major damage boost because it’s not at all proportionate to the ammo you use.
The smart gun cl os a good example of how the turret damage needs a major buff since that’s the point of it


I probably enjoy Tediore more if other modules beside Homing and MIRV combined gets a good buff whenever it’s chucked. Unsure with COV but that probably me using Linoge a long time and find that weapon excellent. I appreciate the buff either way.

I do think underperforming Artifacts/Class Mods need some buffs next rather than gun manufactors

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Linoge is like the only good cov weapon that kills the eruption is just used to debuff bosses :frowning:

Tediore could certainly use a buff and I’v been saying that for some times. In light of the recent buff I hope they’ll get it. Never been a fan but I had fun with some of the new reloads mechanics while leveling up my first character. After that I didn’t found anything suitable for me.
CoV have a couple decent ones that use multiple ammo per shots.
There’s also the Skeksil. Don’t forget the Skesil. :slight_smile:

I think COV pistols are in a good place.
Their ARs definitely need help though. And the Rocket Launchers.

Tediore overall needs a nice buff.

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Re: Linoge only good CoV weapon, the SkekSil is also good.

Tediore is in a strange place where their legendaries are in a bad place but, because of the homing and MIRV attachments, their rare and epic variants are quite good.

CoV assault rifles need a bit of fine tuning, but their pistols are nice (Hangin’ Chadd, Linoge, SkekSil). The rocket launchers are also decent though it is a bit strange that there is not a legendary one cough bring back the Badaboom cough.

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The issue with the ok weapons u listed is they are just ok I think all of those still need a damage buff linoge nerds a dmg and repair time buff tbh or just major repair time buff or even shots to break idk. Skeksil is extremly overrated because those rockets dont do as much as they should and it’s just so inaccurate. At 53 smh should be a solid 1400 or so. I mean like almost everything should be buffed for more builds but for a unique new weapon type COV deserves the spotlight