Hope DD early adopters are offered something

I’m not annoyed at the price drop since I understand it’s reasoning and it’s something that happens.

I hope Gearbox does offer SOMETHING to those of us who supported the game from the start (which was just weeks ago…), which tends to be a common case.

Has there been any word?

We were offered something. The privilege of playing Battleborn before other people. I’m sorry if this comes off the wrong way, but it’s just how I see it.

What I mean si that people buying the game now will be playing Mellka in that first mission with absolutely nothing unlocked, whereas you’re fully kitted out.

Isn’t that something?


I was upset about this at first as well, but it appears to not be a decision by Gearbox or even 2K for that matter. This is something only Amazon is doing, it isn’t the fault of the developer or publisher.

That was beautiful.
Although I wouldnt like reject an extra shift code lol.

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Well if we’re putting in orders, I’ll take 20 legendary packs :laughing:

I’m just looking at it as possible steals from Over Watch and I’m okay with it.

Wasn’t there already preorder bonuses?

Without intention to sound like a jerk, but I disagree with the sentiment and it’s not technically a privilege, by definition (with perhaps exception for those who literally couldn’t pay for the price difference).

Preorder bonus and early adopters don’t necessarily need to mean the same thing. Often the case, and has been seen with MMOs, those who buy and support early receive some acknowledgement.

It’s irritating to have such a step hit in price just a few weeks into it. Anything to say ‘thanks’ to those who’ve been a part of the early (paid) experience, especially while it’s been shaking out bugs and stuff.

It’s still AU$125 for the digital deluxe on PS4 and I’d pay it again in a heartbeat. I’ve easily gotten my moneys worth out of this game so I don’t really care if the price goes up or down.

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If you aren’t concerned with it why are you asking for something in addition to what we paid for? This happens with every game that comes out. It’s nothing new.

we are owed nothing. All I want is for the game to thrive and be around for a long time, so I can keep getting my ass kicked. If this helps accomplish that, I’m all for it.

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This made me quit seething over investing $130 into this game. However id also appreciate a few epic loot packs or even a legendary loot pack for showing my faith before the flood of people who only bought the game coz its cheap, not because they followed it for aaaaaages waiting for its release.

Man I am so making a snarky post when Amazon’s sale ends…

Well yeah, we aren’t owed anything.

And yes, I agree that it’s a smart move, from a community perspective and the company.

This early to be so steep a discount (again for a game that is still changing as it’s a live service)… Just feels … Not okay. A nod to those who have been a part of it to this point would be nice - doesn’t need to be exclusive. Perhaps a special skin / taunt loot pack could be cool.

And yeah, the price likely going to go right back up.

I think we both know that if sales were super-mega-fantastic, there probably wouldn’t be a sale.

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