Hope dlc 1 and 2 guns are being looked at

like the title says my hope is that ALOT of dlc 1 and 2 guns are being watched cuz wow alot of then did not hold up to mayhem changes.
Here are the guns on my radar.

ion laser- super cool and unique effect but the damage penalty needs to go away especially with the “double” one which doesn’t double anything. Its just too weak needs a massive buff.

Autoaime- still the worst sniper in the game sadly imo. Idk how they could buff it to be good if its only effect is tracking bullets tbh. So either over buff it or add double bullets like hell shock.

Dairy creamer- for its ok effect it needs like a MASSIVE damage boost most rpgs are pretty sub parts atm anyway besides nukem and the 2 purples. Even dlc 3 has bad rpgs lol

Ion cannon- I know I know it was OP at start and the ammo consumption honestly helped balance but it now needs a little more oomph not alot but like a good 20-30% boost is literally perfect.

Cheap tips- for you having to pick up the boost they should honestly boost damage alot more and the gun itself needs a solid 40-80% boost.

Craps- if possible boost the chance to get bonus shots and of course boost the damage and tbh boost radius slightly. Its almost a super good pistol

Slow hand- its effect is to heal you but like it does no damage… projectile is slow like lob but none of the damage. So yea boost by ALOT please im talking 90-150% lol

Thats all I can think of for dlc1 if you agree cool now here comes dlc 2 section.

Strauros burn- this gun has one of the COOLEST effects for a assault rifle period. Its damage is criminally low. You only have a chance to get the crits and even then only moze can extend the duration of how it last and even then the heat rises over time even if not shooting. Damage penalty needs to go and needs easily like a 200% boost minimum. Cov is treated like a re dreaded step child along with atlas who currently is in the attic lol.

Serial killer- more base damage but the kill effect needs to be like almost triple what it does now. Such a perfect idea for amobing specific weapon just the numbers aren’t there yet and never have been sadly.

Love drill- it was good pre mayhem 2.0 tbh but needs alot of love. The damage penalty could use a reduction also if possible make it return ammo faster idk. Cuz u can land a crit and still run out if u shoot too fast. Feel like that doesn’t happen with Lucian or rowans call.

Mutant- why so much recoil for literally no damage? Everyone always wonders why does it have the worst recoil in the game lol. Boost the damage massively if u wanna keep recoil otherwise boost it in a fair way but also reduce recoil.

Nothingness- sadly doesn’t hold up to the 2.0 change gun was amazing at start.

Frozen devil- this gun is so cool and the reference mwah I love it mei is bae. Buff gun get rid of negative damage penealty up the cryo efficiency and boost the crit frozen bonus PLZ. There are so many build ideas for this gun.

Many more im sure i forgot.
Anyway TLDR I hope they didn’t forget about dlc 1 and 2 I know the devs got alot of work to do with dlc 4 and all but give some love to your other creations to. Especially dlc1 I love handsome Jack.
Thats my shtick if you stuck around lmk what u maybe think.


Frozen Devil could also use an increase to mode switch speed. Not sure if they actually intended it to be used like Mei’s freeze gun but switching modes when enemies are frozen is a waste of valuable time.

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I liked the seeryul killur, clairvoyance and the anarchy in dlc 2. Bearly remember using any dlc 1 legendaries or have any on currently builds, about the only one I remember is the ion cannon tho rarely used it.

I don’t think the ion laser needs a buff last time I used it had a gimmick where if you stop firing after continously firing it for a few seconds it shoots out projectiles which did a hell of alot of damage. Ima pick it up again just to see if its still worth a dam.

I agree with most of this, but plaguebearer and backburner are both excellent launchers as well, and I’ve heard v good things about the Mongol post-buff; as far as I’m concerned launchers are the strongest weapon category in the game right now. Pretty sure all three of them are better than the nukem tbh, even with an overkill build.

But as i do agree with the rest, I’d also like to add that quest rewards in the dlc’s (esp 2+3) should be adjusted to allow for anointments; I’d love to run around with moze with a firecracker/peashooter setup, and my fl4k could have a lot of fun with a seventh sense

If I remember correctly. The spike has bonus damage vs frozen targets or something

Thats what its supposed to do but the damage isn’t that good anymore and before it was just ok at best

yea bonus crit damage on frozen targets

DLC 1 and 2 items as well as items from both takedowns should be focused on in the coming hot fixes I think.

The Chandelier from DLC3 needs looking at as well. Moxsy once called it “the Recursion if it was bad.” Whatever GB was planning with it, we’re not there yet.

Also the Satisfaction, Plumage and Narp.

I would add the two Tediores but that’s part of a larger problem with the whole manufacturer.

If the look at the gear from DLC 2, they could also give the world drop only’s a dedicated drop source. There are plenty of rare, named and bosses to distribute, even if it means some have two drops.

People would be so happy if they the Old God a drop source.

DLC1 guns I liked that need help: Lucky 7, Cheap Tips, Heartbreaker, Creamer

DLC2 guns I liked and need help: Seventh Sense, Oldridian, Seeryul Killer, Stauros Burn.
Unseen Threat works OK but would love to see a buff to it :slight_smile:

Not only look care of guns, I think also need that make some dlc 2 guns should get anointment perks. Just right now, I’m playing dlc2 and getting The Cure(Wainwright’s personal shotgun). But can’t get that shotgun with any anointment perk. And I heard Seventh Sense has same problem. Don’t know other dlc2 mission reward guns that can’t get anointment perks. Therefore I can’t make a list though, I think all these problem had to be fixed.

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all dlcs mission rewards can’t be anointed (quickdraw, dakota ect from dlc3 can’t come annointed as well)

Actually the Dakota does come anointed.

Wish the Peashooter did, but it doesn’t :frowning: