Hope for an update on BB

love the game the new skin at the market place is a ok direction to me just like any moba games like LOL & dota .

now this is to gearbox staff , hope for an update on the gear section on loadout’s increase to 15 at least and more purchase on the inventory slots because i like collecting all the variety of items that drops and lastly the most obvious more maps and game modes ( hero team deathmatch , escort , capture the point , horde mode eg: one side defend strong hold with weapon upgrade the other assault with minions hmm not sure if that will be fun? :confused: ) on the pvp and hopefully more story mode if thats possible maybe more story on individual lore .

thanks for the game hope to see more content in the near future for this IP ,
and the best wishes on the next borderlands 3 make it good and epic with more humor and story telling to experience and more GUNS a BIZILLION GUNS !!! :smile: and inventory space god please :smile: