Hope matchmaking is broken, cuz at least then it can be fixed

Hoping this doesn’t come off as too negative, I’m a huge fan of gbx and the game. I played in the CTT, beta and at pax and really want this game to succeed. Unfortunately the first two days with this game have been really rough. I’ve gone something like 1-11 in the pvp getting completely stomped almost every game.
The lone victory was in solo queue, the string of losses I’ve been in groups of 2 to 4 friends where despite us all being level 2 to 5, we always seem to get matched up with ppl level 12 to 18. Pretty much every game has been a slaughter, with maybe 6 to 7 kills on our side to 30+ on the other.
I don’t claim to be great at pvp, but I absolutely loved it in the beta. Even when we lost it was competitive, and overall it felt like we won as much as we lost. Yesterday a guy against us literally had a 27-0 kd against us. Our team had two kills. The problem is that it’s completely sapping the morale and desire for any of us to play this game. I feel like an ambassador /salesman as I’ve been pushing every friend I know to play in the beta and get the game. But I can feel the frustration in our group rising and I don’t know how many more nights ppl are going to come back just to get destroyed. The problem is compunded because progression and unlocks are nonexistent since almost all of them require u to actually be winning games.

Anyway, just looking for perspectives, have we just been unlucky? Is this normal for the first week of a games release? Is it that we are matchmaking as a team so we’re getting matched against high level competition? Have they changed the matchmaking settings? Or do we just suck :wink: I just know that I could not put down the controller during the beta and the pvp was a blast and now in the first week it’s feeling like it may be a losing struggle getting my friends and self to keep picking it up to play. I don’t understand why it’s been so one sided…


I’ve only played against lower level peeps. All lower than me, and I’m currently only lvl 11. It feels like it’s working better than the beta at least.

Well if its anything like most games it will prob take a week for things to sort out in your circumstance the game with then have enough of a log for most players to match you according to either skill or level most likely skill.

With that said i have run into your issue once so far and I have been grinding this game out I think your unlucky in matches because for the most part I am getting in some very close games.

I personally am only level 6 and have played plenty of matches where the whole opposing team was at least 10 levels higher than me and majority of my squad. However I also won majority of those games. I will admit that the game isnt the best at level matching but to be honest it really hasn’t overly affected the outcome of my matches. My suggestion would be to re-evaluate your squad most of the time it comes down to who has the most balanced lineup

Personally, I feel it’s abit unpolished in comparison to the beta. I really have fallen for this game and i want it to do well. But i feel the battle system and tactics can be very unbalanced at times. So much so I feel this game will become meta necessary to even have a competitive chance against a premade of 2 or more. The beta felt like more exp and easier unlock achievements. Now it feels like i have been stuck under level 10 forever, while in beta i got above 50 in only a few days. PvE feels much slower and im constantly getting qued solo? and PVP has huge balancing issues ( imo) that need to be addressed. Like the originator of this post it makes this game quite hard to stick with when you have people just both extremely low skill teamates, high skill, and then also unbalanced characters with no way to ban, or be que’d with people who have zero experience or just leave after dying.

I feel your pain. Nearly every game I get it in is completely random on my side (no grouped up friends) and the opposing side is at least 3 grouped friends. I had like 4 games in a row with enemy team had 4-5 grouped friends. When you’re in a random and no one even uses mics vs a group of 4-5 friends who communicate the game is not fun because the only thing that happens is you get stomped beyond reason for the duration of the game.

As far as the levels go, some games are balanced though more aren’t. I’d say it’s uneven for me about 75% of the time (in other words the enemy side has a much higher level advantage).

Anyways, I still love PvP but it gets obnoxious to constantly go up against groups of friends level 10-15+ who communicate while being in a random group where everyone’s level is 8 or less besides me. Probably going to PvE until it evens out.

Also, sometimes it takes like 10 minutes just to get matched up for a game to even start. Not sure what’s up with that. Maybe not enough people are playing the game?

Thanks for the replies. Glad to hear its not just me, and gives me hope that maybe tonight will be better. I’m just more confused than anything why a team with everyone under level six would ever get matched against multiple ppl level 12 to 18, seems like it shouldn’t happen. Like I said, I’m fine getting steamrolled every once in awhile but losing 90+% of the time makes me think they need to switch their matchmaking settings to be more stringent for level balancing rather than queue time. I suspect right now it’s biased heavily if not entirely on keeping queue time short, at the expense of lopsided games.

Your commander rank isn’t tied to skill in this game though. . . Just time spent playing (essentially). . which doesn’t ‘exactly’ translate into skill. Soooo. . in the long run matching up against higher levels should be expected?

I mean since everyone, regardless of skill, will be able to reach level 100. . There is going to be ranked matchmaking right? I hope that rank will be factored into the matchmaking system.

Idk I’ve always liked games that have a matchmaking system separated into two areas. A ranked skill based playlist section that matches you strictly based on your skill based rank, and another more casual one that still takes one’s skill rank into some account but doesn’t make it the dominating factor for matching with other players.

Similar to how Halo 2-3 did it.

In agreement with the OP. Consider this “Exhibit A.”


According to this post: matchmaking balance is basically a top priority:


Let’s be patient, it takes time to make great things better and it seems GB is working hard to make things better. :]

Idk why you are having trouble. maybe search up some help guides for the char you play.my group of friends and i win 99% of the time. losses only happen when the pubs(2+) on our team r feeding or disconnect or we all go random heroes lol.