Hope some existing annointments get buffed

I think some existing annointments need major love and have big potential.

For instance the killing Grant’s 5 wpn 5 reload. Think it should be buffed to 15 maybe even 20 wpn and 8 reload. But for reload it can stay 5.

The more damage to enemies below 25%should be like 200%that way u have a good one for enemies above and below a hp threshold. Maybe make for crazy overkill gun builds.

The base 100%won dmg should be buffed to 150 or 200 and with hat buff the amara 250 to 300 and the 300 to 400 or 475. That way it makes sense.

Moze: fire rate and crit next 2 rounds should be much much higher. 40-60%crit and 30-40%fire rate. Or keep rate ththe same but I’d love to see it slightly increased.
125%fire next 2 mags should be 200% or even 250 but should for sure be 200 otherwise what’s the point in it being 25%higher than regular next 2 mags.
Moze honestly needs a new shield specific annointment tbh. Idk what but something maybe something that can affect her and iron bear but boost damage not just survivability.

Amara as stated above increase wpn dmg ones fix the radiation one it’s still technically 40%. Boost phasegrasp nova maybe? Also add a new one that does something with phase grasp.

Fl4k HE NEEDS A REAL FADE AWAY ANNOINTMENT!!!also boost the gamma burst one to 165. Rakk attack at 100 is fine but maybe 125 is nice. Rakk crit should be more like 75-100. Also add a new annointment for gamma burst stuff or even pet.

Zane obviously buff that digiclone one from 130 to 200-250 depends. Not sure about his other annointments they dont seems all that bad

Just some thoughts idk. I’m sire they got some in the pipeline for the new action skills and 4th skill tree being thrown around but yea.

How about decreasing all anointments? Right now anointed bonus is more important than weapon itself.
They should provide bonuses similar to TPS values not some overtune bonus like 200%. That of course requires huge adjustment to Mayhem, but for endgame would be way better than what we have now.


This opened my eyes. I keep on farming over and over just looking for 150% radiation bonus, so i may have a technically double damage legendary. (which is amazing.) but makes my previous 60 drops of the legendary useless.

tone down annointments to make em juicy bonuses to say “hey. nice.” when you find em. and match the enemy health to the new damage, and boom, done.

(i still think there’s the issue of old legendaries being underpowered most of the time, and action skills carrying some of the hardest fights in a filthy cheap way not even i enjoy. But, baby steps i guess.)


I think the numbers on the anointments are high enough but some of them could indeed use a buff e.g. the IB grenade anointment should get its ICD removed / drastically reduced and the “while AB is active gain incendiary damage” should actually be a “while he is active” and not a “upon activation” like it is rn (although this one might be more of a bug fix than an actual buff).

I feel like there has been a lot of support for a broad spectrum reduction of annointment power. Why should an annointment add more damage then an entire skill tree in several cases?


I wouldn’t be opposed to a few buffs here and there. Maybe get rid of some of the useless ones to free up the pool.

Ultimately I’d rather see the interactions on some work better. The ASA and while auto bear active for instance. Those shouldn’t deactivate when switching weapons.

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The one potentially useful annointment that needs help is the “incoming damage is reduced slightly”. First, that is a BS annointment that doesn’t even tell you what slightly is. Second, slightly isn’t enough. If I am choosing between a 5% damage reduction and a 100% damage increase well…duh. Now if that damage reduction is 50% and I’m FLAK that might be worth considering.

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I think many of the complaints about anointments being “too important” would be reduced if there weren’t so many crap anointments crowding the good ones out and dedicated drop rates were better.

The problem is loot pool pollution, so for the love of god don’t add more anointments to an overcrowded pool.

I agree on buffing the Kills Grant and bonus Dmg vs < 25 anoints for sure, but I’m skeptical that the other anoints mentioned need buffs.

Phasegrasp and FA don’t really need specific anoints IMO. They’re already very powerful in combination with just general anoints, so adding more anoints to the pool for these two action skills is fixing something that is not broken.

Class specific anoints are bad. They are killers in terms of being useful and rewarding.

Annoints should have been:

DMG: Add X% of Y element to each shot where x isn’t a big number, under 10%.
DMG Resist: Reduce X% of incoming damage
Cool down: Reduce AS cool down X%

Stuff that is universally useful and applicable but small enough to be a nice to have and not a must have.

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Have to disagree with this strongly. Or maybe I’m not understanding your point.

Some class-specific anoints open up a whole new playstyle that wouldn’t exist otherwise. I’m thinking specifically of GB 115 and SNTNL Cryo.

Without those anoints, GB would just be a pet steroid and in the current state would be almost completely useless. And SNTNL would be strictly inferior to a Clone/Barrier build because it would offer neither major bonus damage nor major defense.

Others enhance a playstyle that would otherwise lag behind badly - looking at you, Phaseslam 300 and Phaseslam 200 melee.

I get that it’s frustrating to get a GB 115 anoint when you’re playing, say, Zane, but let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

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I can’t comment on GB as I don’t use it but I’m not sure SNTL Cryo is what makes Drone Zane possible. I played Zane as Clone n Dome until the advent the Seein’ Dead class mod then that with SNTL Cryo made that build crazy powerful. The class specific annoint really broke that build because it created a massive incentive to do only that build. Zane without SNTL Cryo and ALL his kill skills proced should be powerful enough. SNTL Cryo sorta masks the underlying fact that his kills skills might not be enough.

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You’re right that without SNTNL Cryo Barrier/Drone can’t keep up with M10.

This is because for many builds, anointments are an important element of the DPS needed to cope with M10; and the standard Barrier/Drone approach can’t regularly access ASE buffs under normal circumstances. So SNTNL Cryo takes on an outsize level of importance because it’s the only top-tier anoint besides CH that can function in that build.

But the recent scaling of AS damage makes Clone/Dome and even Clone/Drone viable in a way that is comparable to Dome/Drone. Heck, Clone is much better in GTD than the Drone in my view.

My point is that at this point it’s entirely possible to play Zane at the highest level without SNTNL Cryo. Recent changes have hugely increased build diversity for all classes, including diversity in optimal anointment choice.

I jard disagree since it’s mainly that the annointments are balanced properly. Because any and all accuracy fire rate and handling type of annoints are pretty useless. Annointments mixed with guns can determine a build and that can actually make more creativity. Nerfing annointments would actually kill the game and make more guns useless. You know… the issue we just had and the reason they buffed a ton of guns and reduced enemy health lol

Annointments should not make a build. The build should stand on its own and the annointments are a bonus. The problem is that the game is scaled to these broken a** annointments . Get rid of the annoints and get rid of the excess scaling. We shouldn’t lean into the most frustration inducing aspect of this game.

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I think that anything past 50% in an anoint when in comes to damage is too much of a buff. Enemies have to be adjusted to account for that kind of stuff. Like, at this point, it makes no sense to me to go for “Increased Accuracy and Handling” when I could instead get “+300% weapon damage”. Seems too steep to me.

Also, the two anointments that stand out BY FAR as needing major help are airborne and sliding. Unless we get a relic that is basically a jetpack I can’t seen airborne ever being practical (Ellie did hint at jetpacks when you have to vent the cargo bay so maybe there’s hope).

I’d actually like to see a version of the slide one that gives a sizeable buff to action skill cooldown rate. Like, if the buff to your action skill cooldown rate while sliding one was also based on the speed of the slide, I could see sliding becoming really handy.

This last point is off topic, but OMG is the Omniloader such a disappointment. I really thought that using that gun could allow you to throw 3 tediores at once (assuming you had already taken a shot with all 3 of them and then reloaded with the Omniloader)… :cry: