Hope they announce bear cub fix

Like the title says I hope they announce when they are going to fix bear Cub or when they do implement the fix to bear Cub I also hope somebody makes it post about it because this is so sad that we can’t even completely in joy our new skill tree


So it looks like While Iron Cub is Active, gain 100% weapon damage is BUSTED like the ASA 200%. If you switch weapons on both anoints, you lose the bonus!

I tested this in the Sanctuary dummy.

Hope they fix that as well but doubt it. Besides I run consecutive hits or 50/150 with my flare builds now thanks to beskar shield

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Yeah this 4th skill tree is full of bugs. I can’t rely on Iron Cub to kill anything. I can’t rely in the 200% anoint or the while IC is active anoint. Nothing is reliable.

The gun damage thing goes away if u enter bear so its like next 2 mags is completely useless when running it

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When you enter and exit IB, the ASE N2M should work? Are you saying that’s bugged too?

N2M 125% incendiary or N2M 100% elemental or any N2M?

Wait, what’s the point of having 100% Iron Cub Active, when ASA gives you double?? Am I missing something?

Can Iron Cub Active anoints come on shields?

Good question. No idea besides the damage. I was hoping the IC one isn’t bugged, so that would be the plus but I was deeply mistaken.

What j was saying is harmonious havoc deactivates when entering and exiting bear so if you were trying to say just go purple for that skill you can’t use next 2 mag setups

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They sit in different spots in the damage formula. 200 adds gun damage, similar to most skills in the red tree, the cub 100 appears to be a different type of damage and therefor in a different place in the formula. They will both have potential to be better depending on skill point allocation.

Here’s to hoping the fix iron cub and some moze stuff this coming week

Not sure where to post this but I find the comments funny but underneath the build, it shows an underlying issue with the 4th skill tree


Agreed unless ur running full bear its bad

lol nice “best 4th tree build” 3 points in the tree. And of course can’t leave out the bait “NEW MOZE META” when it’s literally Moze’s old meta build. As for your comment I don’t think any of this means ■■■■ against the purple tree just because he says it’s the best build using that tree doesn’t mean it is. I’ve made several great builds that invest heavily into purple already and have seen several other people do it as well.

As far as abusing Big Surplus, I prefer this: I made this build specifically for Boogeyman and want to do the shooting myself so I go with Blast Master and just suicide my bear instead.


Also worth mentioning how dumb iron cub cooldown system is.
You can spec in every iron bear/cub cooldown skill, but you cannot “reset” iron cub if it is already on even if it’s done cooling down and the icon is yellow, the game won’t let you do it (which already sucks since every other VH can spam their action skills), but you have to wait for the entire duration to expire, and even if you have the cooldown fully refunded by then, once iron cub disappears, so does your refunded cooldown.
It seems completely dumb to me.

The Slaughter Shaft, where real men test their builds…not with some weak ass maliwan troops.
Great build as usual Kab.

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I’m glad you mentioned that. I filed a support ticket about this issue I think the day or a day after the hotfix. It’s really ironic. I would at least expect after IC is done, I can redeploy him but that’s only when the cooldown starts kicking in. WTF? What’s all this cooldown bonuses in purple tree? Ok it helps IB but where’s my IC? IB has Mayhem scaling and cooldown skills from the purple tree help IB but IC is totally the opposite.

I’d agree if you mean Athenas. Solo MTD is a different challenge.

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Hey one thing to all moze players, the skill steel-hard bear in the blue area does not scale (dmg) with ironcube although all skills with iron bear iron cube should influence … Has anyone noticed this and where can you report it: D :thinking:? Now my inner monk says that I have to test all skills …

: hot rotation (green) to 5lv with 25% do no harm either.
Specialist bear (green) with 60% damage and no change.
Survival artist (red) up to 83% damage also no change

IC doesn’t have Mayhem scaling. Let’ see this Thursday if they will do something. Some folks have filed support tickets already. It won’t hurt if you file one as well. The more the merrier.

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