Hope they announce bear cub fix

Just had my first experience with the cub and it was fun. Did the slaughter shaft and we made Mr.Torgue happy with EXPLOSIONS! Ran full blue and purple with a bit of green to get Rushin Offensive and I wasn’t missing the Red tree. I rocked a consecutive hits Prompt Critical with a Mindsweeper, Rad Hex for dotting the world and a Victory Rush with AOE The Cub was rocking nukes for more dots. Felt good to able to quickly deploy the Cub and work as a team versus the clunky in and out with the Bear. Even made it through 3 rounds on one activation with the Cub at full health and almost full fuel, but a hex got me when round 4 ended. Looking forward to exploring the cub more. The Cub may be as dumb as a turnip but he is cute.

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I almost want to buy the DLC for the 4th skill tree but I don’t care about Arms Race. Is there a way to pay just for the skill trees ?

Arms race is pretty fun though. And the guns are good. Worth having with the skill trees.

I’ll save the money for cyberpunk instead holla

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Good for you xx

seems cub still isnt getting dmg from AS Damage rolls on COMs or Bear Damage from skills not in the purple tree, only skills that buff it are the ones in the purple tree

Same. I really want Cub for the grenade ASA anoint but the DLC/Season Pass is too expensive right now. Thought it would be in the PSN Black Friday but… :frowning:

I can get Ghost of Tsushima or Miles Morales adding just a little more money.