Hopeful looking forward

Let’s just hope the features in Battleborn were worth it as a testbed for Borderlands 3.

They are completely different types of games… beyond playing first player…


I believe the OP is rather hinting at Gearbox using funds from Battleborn as a means to creating Borderlands 3, which in my opinion is definitely not the case. They poured there heart and soul into creating this new IP, which I personally am enjoying immensely.


Gearbox is no longer a one IP wonder for me. Both Borderlands and Battleborn are stupendous experiences.
When GB sjowed the first videos of BB, it appeared overly goofy to me. Then slowly it began being interesting.

After just playing Algorithm for the first time and hearing the dialogue of ISIC and Geoff, boom, I knew BB was going to be a new time sink for me.

GBX has the best dialog in games i’ve ever heard. I’d love BL3, but im extremely happy with BB and intend to keep playing for a long time

Let’s just hope the features in Borderlands 3 will be a worthy test bed for Battleborn 2.

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Definitely not hinting at them using funds.

Saying that they developed and tested a lot of ideas that they can tweak into more complete experiences as part of Borderlands 3.

Unless you’re saying that Borderlands 3 should have multiplayer PVP I don’t really see how any features in Battleborn would be a test bed for BL3.
Besides like previously stated the first person perspective which they’ve already implemented in multiple games before.

I could see if being used as a test bed after a line of dialogue in borderlands where someone said bring everyone or something like that. Maybe battleborn is a test bed for a larger character base?