Hopefully BL3 sees the end to character based DLC

Given that Battleborn is coming with a plethora of character choices to start from I would like to see Borderlands 3 take a similar approach. Launch BL3 with 6 or 7 character choices (or more) and focus DLC on additional ways to add new content to the game rather than new characters which are simply new ways to replay the game. The real value of the DLC for the first two Borderlands games was the sheer content delivered post the core games release. Sure not all the DLC was fantastic but each had some gems, be it loot, endgame bosses or just different settings. Making us pay for characters now seems silly given that Battleborn is making characters a feature of the game rather than a way to make more money from it down the track.


yes, but the key here is that there not the same game. not even close to each other.


I actually never had any problem with characters as DLC in the last two games. Agreed that the strength has been in the DLC story campaigns, but with the differences in character attributes and how the story shifts with each character, I like the additions.


I don’t like how they have finagled the new characters into the season pass in lieu of area expansions. This slow creep of changing things but presenting them in a way that looks like everything is just as always is repugnant. New characters add very little to the game other than a different way of playing the content and add no value if you have no desire to play as a character of that type.

The season pass and DLC used to be highly thought of with regards to Borderlands but this cheap shot DLC for the TPS changes completely what I have come to expect from Gearbox. It is alright to say that BL3 will be different next time around but how do we know that will be true? Take their word for it… come on now.

Don’t you think that the studio shutting down had something to do with that? Also, wasn’t the rationale behind TPS stated quite some time before release as in effect an expansion to BL2 that they had originally wanted to include, but felt it was too big.

This puts TPS in a different bracket, too big as an expansion, but smaller than a full game.

At the day’s end, only Gearbox will know from the amount of downloads and actual playtime logged on system how popular the character DLCs are, and will likely go with that info when making their decision.

I suppose with TPS being smaller on the DLC front, the inclusion of two new characters will stand out more, that’s all. BL2 had two new characters also, and I don’t recall hearing anything negative about that.

With BL3 possibly being far bigger in scope, who knows how many more characters might possibly be planned. With the “…You’ll need all the Vault Hunters you can get…” comment hanging there in the air - and if the game is for current gen only, then the possibilities are far more open.

TPS is smaller than BL1 (with DLC considered) and tragically smaller than BL2 (with season pass considered) yet it basically cost the same. If they want to put out a mini game is should be acknowledge with a mini price.

2K Aus was shut down because it was not profitable and this can be attributed to the poor sales of TPS. We can see from steam stats and steam charts on the PC (which is a good reflection of the consoles) that TPS significantly undersold BL2 and the attrition rate of TPS was amazingly bad. The game was effectively over before the DLC came out and the online numbers even after Claptastic Voyage showed the game was basically done. You still have a hardcore fanbase playing it now but this is so small in comparison to launch numbers that it means nothing. The game had ended even before all the DLC came out. They would have known this through early preview testing along with their own enthusiasm while playing the game. This game was not going to be a hit. It was going to be a filler and that is why they did not invest in the season pass. Gearbox themselves could have invested time and effort in TPS season pass or additional DLC but have prioritised their efforts on Battleborn as this is more important than DLC to appease the audience of a failed continuation of the franchise.

No worries though as I think they assume all with be forgotten with a heroic announcement of BL3 details that will match and in many ways surpass what BL2 ever achieved but they are likely to have underestimated their fanbase that are growing weary of promises by Gearbox.

The only way BL3 will do better in sales than BL2 is if they invest a hell of a lot more money and give us more than we ever had before.

From what I have seen so far I expect Battleborn to be lukewarmly received and there will be all hands on deck for BL3.

Edit: Oh and I believe that the Handsome collection was announced for next gen very soon after TPS was released even though they vehemently denied they would ever bring this game to next gen (forcing a lot of avid fans to continue to support last gen). This can be attributed to the game numbers not doing so well (why else would they go back on their word so quickly) on current gen and PC. They could make a quick buck by migrating BL2 and TPS to next gen at a discounted price even before the DLC was out. This is shameful behaviour in my opinion.

Edit 2: the rational for the game was explained long after the game was outed. It is quite possible they rushed to finish the game early and cut their losses rather than made it a full game.

Companies charging money for their goods and services?!? HOW DARE THEY!?!

It’s not like the game were not worth the money without the extra characters.

I am quite sure that they never expect that the sales of TPS would be on par with the sales of BL2. TPS is basically just a BL2.5 they just reskined everything and introduces low gravity and laser guns.


They can charge what they like however there are repercussions to overcharging.

It definitely wasn’t.

Devaluing your franchise with substandard products has always been a smart business move. That’s exactly what Apple does… er no wait it does the opposite of that.

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TPS was a game made for the hardcore fans yet most (4 to 8 times) of those hardcore fans would rather play BL2 which is an old game that came out many years ago. TPS is lucky to still be just ahead by numbers of people playing BL1 which is 6 years old now and at times it dips below those who are still actively playing BL1.

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You only have yourself to blame if you bought it at full price. As MeanElf said it’s kinda like an expansion to BL2 and most people expected that.

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I don’t care about the price I paid. What concerns me is the lack of commitment to the franchise. Why even bother with a substandard continuation of the series especially following the controversy that came with BL2’s rollout and season pass, as well as the Aliens Colonial Mess and Duke Nuken Failure.

I’m kind of split between this.

I’ve never complained much about DLCs as a concept. While I find some to be absolutely deplorable in theory (the famed TES Horse Armor scenario), others are nothing more than logically paying for extra work.

Today’s games have a great deal of content put in to them, far more than many of their predecessors, and it is only logical that further content would cost more.

The character DLCs didn’t even bother me, especially when you consider the amount of voice acting, content and the like went in to the characters. Not to mention the man power and hours that went in to having to seamlessly add them in to the game.

I was a little bothered when the UVHM upgrade pack first came out. It seemed like it should’ve just been a patch. At least Digistruct added a new area.

But it was 4.99, which isn’t exactly an amount to write home about. So it is forgivable.

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TPS isn’t as big or innovative as BL2, but people didn’t expect that. Games without a number are usually smaller than the titles of the series with a number. And the fact that it takes place on Pandora’s moon is also a giveaway that it is going to be smaller than the previews games.
You don’t buy an apple and then complain that it is (edit) not sliced and backed into a pie, unless the salesmen indicated it were an apple pie.

Concerning hardcore fans, I doubt that TPS was meant for the players who play on highest level and raid bosses in order to get the shiniest weapons. It’s for people who like the other games and just want a bit more.


Nothing to see here. This is Don’t Panic’s monthly butthurt thread. Once a month, whenever his latest “I believe the Borderlands franchise is in trouble because I didn’t like TPS” thread falls off the front page he makes another.


We know.

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I’d sort of guessed, but am too new here to know for sure :sunglasses:

We know, you don’t like TPS.

Anyway, the thing is that people were complaining that new VH’s weren’t in the season pass for BL2, now that they were for TPS (which always has been marketed as a ‘inbetween’ game, a not a boundary breaking new BL game), people were complaining that there isn’t enough content to justify the season pass. When it comes to the Holodome I would agree (Digistruct Peak has more content for less money), but for the characters? No. They simply are there to give the game more replay value, and can potentionally last longer than a DLC campaign.

Moral of the story: people will always find something to complain about. And don’t buy Season passes. Ever. No matter the company.

Also, comparing BB with BL when it comes to how characters are handled? Wut?
Gaige and Krieg (and the 2 for TPS) are made with diffirent mechanics in mind (exploring new skill posibilities) and that takes longer than making four VH’s on disc that use more established (so to speak) skills. For instance, the development for Gaige started when BL2 went gold, which means that they can only add or change content via patches/DLC’s when the game is released.

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I am not getting personal and I would appreciate same in rerturn. If you dont like what I post, then you have the choice to not read my threads or at least not respond in a non contributing way. These are open forums and we are not here just to discuss things to gush over, we can also voice things we dont like too.

If you read my past threads I have already said numerous times that the game is pretty solid and the new mechanics such as low gravity, Oz kits, lasers and ice are all pretty great additions to the franchise. My main gripe is how they have not committed to delivering a full experience but passing it of as one in the first place.

Making the game announcing it’s size is bigger than BL1 and smaller than BL2 really does indicate that it was intended to be a full game and adding a four part season pass emphasises this is business as usual when in fact it wasn’t. I believe they had the intentions of making it the same as the others but realised they had a problem in that they half assed it by doing half new but rolling over half the assets from BL2. Yes we knew the engine was going to be the same but the did not even go to the extent of redoing all the guns except where necessary such as replace slag for ice and redo eridian weapons as full laser.

BL2 ended up well but had a rocky launch. Three of the four DLC’s were short and sub standard, The season pass was NOT presented along with the fact that it was not inclusive of all DLC. It should have been been called an expansion pack where you get four of the main area expansions for the price of three. The pass connotation implies everything is included. They lost a huge number of fans with what they did in BL2 and this has hurt them badly in those fans coming back to be onboard with TPS. Now they gave added to the problem by short changing us again.

Folks, if you don’t like a thread…move along. Don’t post, bump, and get personal about it.


/rolls eyes.

It was also stated that TPS was made to keep BL fans content, besides, TPS was made with fan demand in mind.
Numerous people wanted a DLC that was set on the giant H in the sky, or cryo guns.

Some youtubers, who’s name I won’t mention, kept stating that TPS basically would be BL3 and the next best thing since bread, which only led to more dissapointment and a way smaller playerbase (it’s not just that, just like BL1 it has no endgame either).

Lasers where just tacked on, only one accesoire for this weapon type, which is exclusive to Hyperion? And yet we got lots of unique and legendary lasers while we still didn’t gett accesoires for them. Which makes them undercooked.

Dahl’s line of legendaries got changed for the most part, as did for Scav/bandit. And that’s just giving an example.

YMMV. For me it is the other way around. Loved the first 3 campaign DLC’s but don’t like TTOADK.

Atleast the pass had more or less on the tin what would be included. Dissapointing DLC1 not withstanding…

'pologies if I got a bit too personal.