Hopefully I'm not too overleveled?

Just started TVHM and ideally I’d like to finish at level 50 (or as close to as possible.)
My situation is I’ve just got into Sanctuary at level 42.
So the question is, do I have a chance of staying at the 50 mark if I just sorta blitz through the story?

Once you get to level fifty all the XP will be greatly reduced whether you complete the story or not. You may creep over 50 if you do DLCs or a lot of sidequests, but you should be fine.

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Alright cool. I remember hearing something about that but I wasn’t sure to what extent it dropped. Thanks

The trick is to avoid doing side quests unless you need to ‘catch up’ level-wise. Both main and side quest levels will fall in a set range, based on your character level when you start them. There’s a full list at the bottom of this post:

Whenever you’re over-levelled, you’ll get less XP along the way than if you were at level. From that, it looks like you’re quite badly over-levelled for being somewhere around Plan B but, as long as you stick to the main story only, it should start to even out once you get towards the last third. Hitting UVHM at exactly level 50 isn’t strictly necessary - you can get by at level 51-52 as long as you use slag routinely until you get reasonable on-level weapons.