Hopefully not an



Please no more tiny tina in borderlands 3


Why? Her and the B Team were severely under utilized as it is


Tbh because tina needs good writers and bl2 handled her perfectly


That didnt stop them with the rest of the game. Hey-oh!
angry psycho grumbling

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Tbh you may not hear this from many people but tyreen and troy could have been villains to rival Jack in the hands of better writers remember the lore men can not be sirens fulstop but tyreen and troy are insanely unique but their execution was beyond botched sadly so

*edit I also consider Jack to be in the top 5 villians in modern media history up there with Vader


More Tina? Hell yes! Although I wish it was young Tina from bl2. Grown up Tina is just creepy.

Why though? It’s still tina


I’d say it’s a stretch to come close to Jack but I don’t disagree that they could have been awesome. Personally I’d rather they had a smaller role (like maybe their arc plays out on Pandora and moves onto the corporations using them as puppets to open the vaults) in the story since I got very tired of “Hey Superfan” immediately

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Goddamn right Jack was awsome!

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yes please lol

And you’re right about the super fan part under uhhhhmmmm the current writers yeah that’s it but again lore wise men can not be sirens but what about a siren that is a conjoined twin think about how that must make troy feel how much depth that could give him it was hinted in the game we got but past that tyreen was hinted at being mentally ill I forget the diagnosis but she can’t feel emotions like empathy and so on imagine if after killing her own dad she showed signs of this mental illness that she couldn’t process what she did to him but then lost herself again to her “normal” self I mean we clearly see he loved both his kids like they were the vaults he hunted or his own wife so much potential so frustrating to see that even some one like me who can’t use full stops proper spelling or grammar could see it but professional writers could not

And I honestly don’t care what people say but he is beyond easily top 5 modern media villians with no doubt up there with all lore Vader easily

*edit all lore vader means all the lore on how the emperor made his suit to be kind of like a punishment and his adaptation to becoming the legendary darth Vader despite the obstacles after being the has it easy chosen anakin

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You brought up some good points I hadn’t even considered tbh, they could have done so much expanding the twins insecurities and playing them against each other.

At the end of the day all I can hope is that the current writing team has either been listening to criticism or replaced. I know that’s a bit harsh but the writing didn’t feel very borderlandsy to me, especially the humor and I’d like to see a return to that

I did find the handsome jackpot to be pretty well written though, just wanted to add something positive lol

lol all good man I have enjoyed our discussion so much and just check my post history in my profile you would not expect this from me but despite this being the last borderlands game I will ever buy play I could see so much potential in the current set up for villians and I love the one game I played bl2 btw I actually liked the pre sequal but the reason I don’t love it is sadly it was too short good game though and think about it though with better writers hey super fan could have had much deeper meaning like yeah it sounds like a streamer thing but relate it to a relationship with her dad or brother in a way that had to do with her disability and it is I remember hearing once that people that have physocopathy or how ever it’s spelled lol actually try to fit in even though they lack the ability to do so imagine knowing there is some thing wrong with you and knowing how people view people with your disability