Hopes for Borderlands 3

I have recently started on TPS, and I gotta say I like it a lot, I like that it is such a big departure form the first two, however there is one thing that about this game, and FPS in general that bothers me. Never ending trash mobs! Go here, kill a bunch of dudes, get this thing then go here kill a bunch of dudes put thing here. Like I said its not specific to the Borderlands Franchise, but it is still here, and I hope its something that changes in the third or technically fourth installment.
Once in a while having to use stealth to sneak in somewhere, or use something to fly somewhere or just anything different than just shooting a bunch of guys over and over would be nice. In Titanfall 2 you have to use a time travel device to rapidly jump to two places in time and jump across platforms, while trying it speaks to exactly what I am talking about, it adds a much needed variation to just “point and shoot”.

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