Hopes for Krieg as a Character for Future Games?

I would really love to see him in any capacity (hoping he is playable) but would like to see him in game and maybe see him return to his sanity as a sidequest line


I really want to see him again in the Borderlands series, but not as a playable character. I love to play as him in Borderlands 2, but we need new characters. I believe they will come up with some nice brand new characters for us to enjoy like they did with all previous games.
If he comes back, I would like to see an “agreement” between his personalities, because there wouldn’t be a good reason for him to come back in Borderlands 3 if he’s just a “normal” guy.


I kinda want him to have the Mordecai role in a future game. All hope is lost, you get completely surrounded by enemies and then:


and the enemies start dropping like flies! :smiley:


I want to see more about his relationship with Maya :heart:

And yes, we need new playable characters but he’s too vibrant to lose altogether



To be honest, I don’t really know how skill trees will work, so I have no idea how it will be.
I think it’s okay if Bloodsplosion gets removed, but for the love of GOD I want Release the Beast back.

I’ve really been thinking about it recently. GB tried making a weird character like him again, but didnt really succeed. Krieg is just so damn different from the rest of the game :3
Would rampage again 10/10

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I’d really like to play as a R.O.U.S actually, just obliterating everything with his eyeblast.


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They should bring back all the characters as well as add new ones.


I expect characters to be like in Battleborn to be honest, just a bunch of options with less elaborated skill trees.
Honestly, if I can play as Fragtrap or Loader Bot (especially if he has his suit with the red eyed Jingasa-like helmet), I’ll be the happiest ■■■■■■ in France :joy: !

Hahahhaha i dont know really… Just hoping gearbox makes a good decision, all we can do :smiley:
That R.O.U.S. idea tho, now i want it :smiley:

I think the progression in skill tree complexity has gotten better. The characters in Presequel were so well designed overall with very limited skills needing adjustment that I think to reverse course and make them less complex would be a step back. I like nuance and integration of several skills to make a build and it’s the best thing that 2K Australia did with Presequel.

I’d like to see the skills that didn’t work get a makeover or outright replaced but keep the core of the original character intact.

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I’m of the same mind. Although in more of a bodyguard role (not that she needs it), rather than a love interest.

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