Hope's for next set of buffs/changes

Personally just things I’d like buffed. Stop gap and moze final skill in shield of retribution to actually work as soon as shield goes away and not requiring the health gate.
Think the recharge shield should have 2.5x more shield regen rate.
Impaler shields corrosive spike dmg should be in the 15k range instead like 2k.
I’d like to see just about every grenade but hex and storm surge buffed tbh. Grenades seem soooooooo underwhelming this time around.

For annointments I’d like moze 10% fire rate 20% crit changed to 30 and 60% or more so she has a annointment that does decent dmg when it isnt a splash weapon or fighting flesh enemies.

As for new annoints hope they are working on moze fl4k and Zane ones that can compete with their best ones.

I don’t know if anyone is that familiar with Diablo 3 but I would love for them to do with that game did where you can have legendary item effects active and not have that piece of of gear on or possibly make it just anointment

Sry for ramblung