Hoping this is the right place re: Steam pre-loading

I’m just wondering and my search talents are suspect at best. My request and question is this: Is HWR going to have a pre-load on Steam or are we all going to log in 12am the 25th and break the download from sheer volume? If you haven’t maybe you should consider this then people can just start her up at midnight and let those who hadn’t logged in have a peaceful go of it and not these 12 hour downloads, well maybe not that bad but I think you know what I mean? I have seen no info on this but like I said my patience for searching without the function are suspect.

I thought they mentioned you would be able to pre load

It’s the 21st century. At this point, I always expect launch day to break at least one server somewhere. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope that’s the case. It makes it much simpler to do launch day planning as a streamer when you know the game’s loaded and ready to go.

I’ll check around, see if I can find confirmation


Preloading means we get to play sooner, that’s always a positive

Only in the sense that your DL will or should be finished before say someone who started at 6am the 25th.

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Yeah i vote for enabling preloading which is a choice of the publisher not steam to do afaik. Go on gbx enable it so we can play the second it turns midnight instead of a mass dling and hammering the steam servers.

Any more news if pre-loading is going to be an option or not?

So far no news… GBX peeps are still recovering from there massive collective hangovers after the celebration for remastering a Classic that is in fact destined to be a Legendary Classic again. But yea GBox get on here and calm our fears about breaking your servers from massive DL fever.

I wouldn’t worry about servers problems, steam servers are pretty robust

I’m sure they can be run off the charts lol. Nothing built that can’t be broke tbh… would just like to see what GBox or I mean how and if there is going to be a pre-DL would be nice would love to log on midnight next Wednesday and beat someone up.

I asked the dev jking about it and said nothing new for it unfortunately. Maybe in a few days well get somit new about it.

This could certainly be the case. Firaxis didn’t announce that there would be pre-loading for Civilization: Beyond Earth until a day or so prior to release. If I remember right, there’s a few other games that waiting until shortly before to announce it as well.

I wonder if we will get word that it has gone GOLD!

That will be the indicator that it is ready to be put onto the servers for pre-loading.

Gold status usually is for retail disc based games as they are then in a state where they are ready to be put on to disc and ready to distribute. Steam or digital only games can have development right up untill 24 hours before the game is out tho i dont think they should and should allow for testing etc a bit more but anyhow yeah there wont be a gold status just uploaded around the 24th or 23rd ready for sale on the 25th i would imagine.

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Usually they mean ‘gold’ as it were when they announce a release date has been historically how a ‘gold’ game was indicated. However with a game deployed across a platform like Steam as Skeeter says it can be in development right up to THE day of general release in some cases after.

I am mainly curious when the Community Day keys are going to get mailed out. The email that was sent says they’ll be sent out on the 25th. I don’t know how exact/concrete that is, but I’d like to see them sent out a day or so before the game launches so people can pre-load before hand and then play on launch day without waiting. The game is a what 20GB download at at least? I have a 100mbit connection so that’s not gonna be a problem, but others…

20gb is installation size, a video showed 7,6 gb download, people keep confusing that.

Incomplete press build?