Hoping to get a level 50 Dastardly Unforgiving and/or Dueling Monocle


Former Moze player here. I’m hoping to get up and running with Amara and for my build, these Jacobs weapons seem key. May I please trouble someone for a trade or be gifted the weapon(s)? Whatever can be worked out in game…


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What is your gamer tag? I might have one laying around, have to check.

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Someone going to run for sheriff?

I’m sorry for the late reply. I will message you.

Realized either you can’t message directly or I’m becoming technically challenged.

It’s ciokwork

Spelled like that.

I’ve got 3 or 4 monocles, I’ll check prefixes if one is that I’ll send tonight

Sorry don’t have right prefixes.

Dang. Thanks for checking though.

Just sent you a dastardly unforgiven. Do you happen to have an Ice Breaker relic? Looking for one for my buddy and neither of us can get it to drop.

I will definitely check. Thanks! Which character uses that relic? This can help narrow down the search.

It is for a Zane character. The Ice Breaker helps with Cryo effiency.

I don’t have it unfortunately… I’m just now trying to make a Zane build. I was a Moze player pre-nerf. Anything else I can help with?

Do you have any Atom Balm relics?