Hoping to Replace Lost Wedding Invitation

Managed to lose mine while playing the “too much inventory game”. Third time I’ve done this, but first time I would really like to have it back. Flak main, but does not need to be anointed .

GT? I have 100ase or GB.

GT ChaffySquirrel8

either anoit is fine / ase preferred

Anything in particular you are looking for/need?

125 splash or IB 160 splash ogre or GB cryo sickle. Only if you happen to have. 100ase sent

Great, currently at work but will check my bank when I get home - from the top of my head I have some those just not sure on the anoints, but will let you know.

Much appreciation for the Invitation! I currently have a GB cryo Lucians, a cryo sickle with stupid airborne, RA 50% Crit Ogre - if notone of those I will keep an eye out for your preferred and send it your way when I find one. Let me know, and thanks again!

Splash Anointment Ogre cannot spawn legitimately in game, sadly. I’m telling you this just so you don’t spend a lifetime searching for it.

Hey dude I’d love that cryo lucians

Thank you. Took me 3 days to get the gammaburst ogre variant. Perfect to for me. No scope and x2.

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Great, I will send it when I get home tonight - comatose_jackal is your GT?

Comatose Jackal