Hoplite bugged in PS4 Handsome Coll

Can someone check if this is happening on your PS4 as well (Handsome Coll.).

in Boderlands 2:
Trying to use
Siren with Scorched Banshee Mod & Hoplite Setup.

When both equiped health goes down to 0 (zero) - (as expected).
Not displayed correctly on the health bar.
It is still fully red and no blinking warning sign to the right - (not as on PS3).

Obviously not interpreting zero health as ‘fight for your life’ mode. (may be questionable anyway, PS3 glitch)

But the Major bug is that the Hoplite in this Scenario does not work anymore!
Meaning: it does not take ANY damge (although fully charged).
Just one single bullet (or even a ricochet) from any enemy goes through the shield directly to the bearer.
Effect is an instant ‘fight for your life’ with any damage taken.

Cross checked same setup (Banshee) with ‘Fabled Tortoise’ and that shield works (taking/deflecting damage).

Must confess: Hoplite works deflectiing damage when used with another class mod (not Banshee)
Maybe the problem is the incorrect display of 0 (zero) health when using Hoplite in conjuction with Banshee.

Anybody having the same effect on PS4?