Hoplite Shield Dupe

Not what you think!

I was farming Pete last night (which is awesome now that I don’t have the timer lockout to deal with) and he dropped his Hoplite shield for me. Nothing unusual there (obviously an O-Negative would have been better…)

The very next kill he dropped another one - with exactly the same parts and stats. I can confirm that Pete cheats. Damn you Pete, you duping scoundrel :slight_smile:

Anybody else come across in-game dupes? I remember it happening once or twice before, but it’s fairly rare (I think).

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Yup, couple times. Had two tubbies drop bunny rocket launcher same prefix, same parts, same map, same run, but different OP’s which was stupid weird.

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Pete used to have a wide variety of items, including a good source for Legendary class mods, but they changed his drops when the seraphs came out. Now the Hoplite and O-Neg are pretty much a guarantee.

The Red chest at the end of the Frostburn run had 2 identical Jakobs sniper rifles in it. Same stats, name…that is mental. It would be nice to see Hyperious do it with Norfleets :smile:

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Yes. Yes it would.

The title had me going there for a minute. Well played.

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this happens a lot to me in bl2 but never actually happened in bl1. well i tell a lie, lol. in over 2000 hrs in bl1 i only found the exact same parts weapon all of twice and they were not the same levels.

in bl2 im always finding the exact same weapon and have lost count of the times its happened. i havnt even played bl2 for a fraction of the time i spent in bl1 either. the loot system in bl2 is not as diverse as it was so its quit common to get an item spawn with the exact same parts and even level.