Hopoo Games Development Thoughts #10

Hey everyone! It’s been a bit, and we wanted to give a big update on WHEN future updates will be landing on both PC and console. There has been lots of excitement and questions so we thought would clarify those now.

=== PC Update ===

Since Early Access release, we’ve gotten into very a solid rhythm of development. CU3 has us really excited - we think players will enjoy all of the content we are adding. We took notice that some of the content we added into CU2 might be a bit difficult for players to unlock, and felt like a bit of a grind for players who have been with us since Early Access launch. For CU3, we are focusing on adding a lot of BASE content to the game to make every run feel fresh and exciting for all players. Not only that, but we plan on revisiting some old content and making sure they’re hitting the same quality level as our newest content.

It’s also no secret that the Fall update landed veeeery close to the end of fall, same with the Spring update. Calling them the Winter Update, Spring update, etc has led to some confusion of when those updates will actually release. As such, we’re updating the roadmap to reflect for CU3 and CU4 the actual month that releases are planned so it’s less confusing across the board. We’re holding steady on updating it to the exact month for 1.0 until we get closer.

===Console Update===

On the console side, we’re also starting to find that the team at PlayEveryWare needs a bit more time to port to all three consoles. The team currently has TWO patches in flight right now:

1: Our first patch on consoles will include bug fixes, performance updates, and a few QoL updates. Not only that, but the first patch will include a couple of unique features, including gyroscopic aiming for Switch and voice chat for Xbox One. ** This was submitted to certification a few weeks ago, and is planned to show up near the end of October. ** Stay tuned to our social media channels where we will share when this patch arrives. Additionally, to ensure that you know you have updated to the latest patch once it is live, see below each console version:

  • Switch: 1.0.2

  • Xbox One:

  • PlayStation 4: 1.02

2: The next patch is, and includes the Skills 2.0 content update (see roadmap below) which will also come with the patch that came shortly after it was released on PC, addressing regen and bugs. ** This patch is currently in progress, and is planned to show up mid-December.

While we were a bit optimistic with the initial pace, we are hopeful that this 3-month cadence is something we support going forward for consoles. Not only that, but we hope that as we practice more, the turnaround time gets less.

I hope this clarifies our outlook going forward. We feel that we always have room to improve, especially in communication - please let us know how you feel. As always, thanks for playing!

-Hopoo Games Team