Hopoo Games Development Thoughts #6


As we work between major Content Updates, we still want to make sure we’re communicating with our fans. While there isn’t a whole ton to talk about, we will try our best to make sure everyone knows we have not died (yet).

== Development Progress ==

Internally, our September content update is chugging along great, and is slated to be better than Scorched Acres (in my opinion :))

The feedback from the community on the types of content and how much of each different content style we added were great to hear. We want to continue our next content in a similar fashion by adding another character, stage, map, monster, items and lots of achievements along with Skills 2.0!

This Update is also refreshing coming off of Scorched Acres because it contains some recurring content from Risk of Rain 1, as shown below. I wonder who could the next survivor be…? (hint: it’s not the Miner)

We’re also doing a bit of reviewing of how the Scorched Acres update went overall. We are looking at how things improved (new content!), but also at some things did not (no longer guaranteeing Rally Point Delta makes it frustrating to try to earn the Preon Accumulator). We will spend time doing more QoL and improvements on previous content in our next update as well. We want to make sure that all content lives up to the high standard we have set since launching in Early Access.

Not only that, but players have had enough time to test content, and we have a better idea of not only what’s balanced, but what’s enjoyable.

== Skills 2.0 ==

We have been very hard at work at “Skills 2.0” teased in our roadmap, and a lot of people have been wondering what that means for their favorite characters. While the system is still in progress, we know this!

Our main design goals with Skills 2.0 are to:

  1. Give players a reason to play other characters they might not normally pick, or return to old characters
  2. Give players who REALLY love and are proficient at a certain character a way to earn some in-game rewards

This is based on feedback that we’ve seen from the Community since launch. We will provide a full run-down on this as we get closer to September!

== Modding ==

It’s no secret that Risk of Rain 2 has fostered an absolutely awesome modding community. While we have no direct mod support, our intent is to avoid breaking mods with our updates, and to not do any changes that would hamper the community. Maybe you’ll see us popping into the modding community in the future!

If you’re interested in Risk of Rain 2 modding, check out the Thunderstore to see the awesome content people have already been making! As always when modding ANY game, please download and install mods at your own risk! We can’t check every mod that gets uploaded or guarantee that they are safe and won’t break your save files.

Check it out here! https://thunderstore.io/

NOTE: We will be releasing an updated EULA for RoR2 very soon. The ONLY intent for this EULA is to make sure that if modders make content (like say, a returning Survivor), we aren’t locked out of making similar content in the future. For the modding community: please actually read the EULA, and PLEASE let us know if this is not reflected in what we wrote. We know a lot of companies sneak stuff into their EULA, and that truly is not the intent here.

Sorry if this sounds like “Soon TM hehe” and that there isn’t very much concrete information, but I hope some people enjoy this post anyways. Thanks again so much for all your continued support!

-Hopoo Games Team

Just a quick question. Do you plan on bringing risk of rain 2 to console at any point?