Hopoo Games Development Thoughts #7

=== Risk of Rain 2 Console Launch ===

We’re very excited to work with both Gearbox Publishing and PlayEveryWare to bring Risk of Rain 2 to the Xbox One, PS4, and Switch, launching today! Thanks to their fantastic efforts, we’ve been able to turn around a console release very quickly.

A unique challenge that we’re facing is that Early Access games don’t really exist on all the consoles. To help smooth over that confusion, we are launching a console-specific roadmap, outlining the timeline of when the consoles will be updated to match the PC version of the game.

Outlined below is our intended development plan for Content Updates (CU) going forward:

  • Hopoo Games begins and develops the CU
  • Submit to Gearbox QA once the CU is content locked
  • Launch the CU on PC
  • Address any Week 1 feedback + bugs with a small patch

After the first week is over and we’ve gathered all the information and feedback we can, we then share everything with PlayEveryWare for the consoles.

  • Submit our Content Update + Week 1 Patch to PlayEveryWare
  • PlayEveryWare takes over to begin porting the CU for Switch, Xbox One, and PS4
  • Submit console version to QA
  • Pass certification on Switch, Xbox One, and PS4
  • Release on all consoles simultaneously

Our intent is to turn around Content Updates as soon as we can for consoles. Not only that, but consoles will get some features specific to its hardware that will also be included in the roadmap as it grows - ad hoc multiplayer for the Switch as an example. We’re also keeping our ears to the ground to make sure that the console version of the game is of the same quality as the PC version - please let us know if you run into any issues!

=== Risk of Rain for Xbox One ===

As a bonus, fans of Risk of Rain will also be happy to know that the original Risk of Rain has been ported to Xbox One, and can be purchased as a bundle along side RoR2. We are thrilled to bring the Risk of Rain universe to the Xbox Community for the first time. Check it out!

=== September Content Update ===

For our PC Risk of Rain 2 community, don’t worry! PlayEveryWare and Gearbox have done a fantastic job sandboxing the development of the consoles, meaning that internally we’ve spent all of our time working on our next Content Update, slated to come out in September. We’re very proud of the next update - including Skills 2.0 - that we will show off as soon as all the madness from console launch settles down. Our September update ended up a lot larger than we previously anticipated, and we hope you will enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it.


We’re all excited for the future of Risk of Rain 2, and we hope that the console release is another step towards reaching out to fans across the world. Thanks again to everyone who’s supported us - and to all our new fans, we hope you enjoy your stay.

-Hopoo Games Team

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