Hopoo Games Development Thoughts #9

This week, we released Skills 2.0 CU, an update we’ve been working hard at. We’re excited to see everyone unlocking the new skills, and hope that they become viable alternatives to select from in each run. We’re listening closely to our community to make sure that the content that comes out is rewarding and fun. Also huge shoutout to Ghostpunch for the whiteboxing of our new map, Siren’s Call!

We’re also super thrilled to see Loader’s great reception! She’s GRAPPLING with excitement to SWING into your game LOADED with excitement hahahahheahehaehaeaheahuasdhuasdfgd

Compiled below is a list of major feedback that we’ve received for CU2. We’ve been working on a patch internally that should address a majority of these points, available (hopefully) either next week or the week after.

===Major Points for CU 2===
• Regen changes have made the game significantly harder, and we want to make sure the game is still enjoyable for all players. We’re also noting that regen changes have made turrets and drones a lot weaker, and they will be getting a regen buff. Most likely what will happen is that Rainstorm will be a middle ground between what Drizzle and Monsoon is in terms of regeneration. We will also be updating the difficulty text when hovering over them to show what the changes are between difficulties, so this mechanic isn’t hidden from players.
• Also noting that a few of the Challenges seem very difficult at first glance - watching to make sure people can unlock them over time. It’s fine people can’t get them all in the first week :slight_smile:
• We’re very happy to see people making guides for specific Prismatic Trial seeds!
• A few Challenges seem to be inconsistent when unlocking, specifically the 25 minute one and the Huntress Rallypoint Delta one.
• We think that Loader is strong but a bit one-dimensional, but the fact everyones having a good time means we hit a good spot.

===Minor Points for CU 2===
• Loader’s arms turn all wonky in certain animations

===Stuff We Are Working On===
• Making sure the balance of the game is where it needs to be, and that the new challenges provide a good but fun goal to strive for
• Double checking Challenge unlock conditions
• PlayEveryWare is busy working on the first patch for Switch/Xbox/PS4, which will address some outstanding bugs alongside a bunch of performance improvements.

Thanks! We’re excited that the community is so engaged in every CU, and we love that we can get a ton of feedback in a short time - it really does help make the game better. Thanks again!

-Hopoo Games Team