Hopscotch Moze Master Blaster Build

Hey Everyone,

I’ve been using a Maliwan Master Blaster splash build. I thought this build would be interesting since I don’t see a lot of builds that use Maliwan weapons. Plus, this build does a lot of damage! I based this build off of the calculations made by @Prismatic on the damage formula for Moze ([Guide] Moze's Gun Damage Formula)

Here is the link for the skill tree and explanation of the build: https://bl3zone.com/build/787/moze/hopscotch-master-blaster

Here is the Reddit link that has the save file: https://www.reddit.com/r/borderlands3/comments/egor00/hopscotch_moze_master_blaster/

Here is some gameplay:

Let me know if you guys have any suggestions and what you think of the build. Enjoy!

Just another IB in / out hopping - ignite yourself build. Terrible playstyle, def. not my case for Moze…


I like it, different guns than usual. Not much else you can do with iron bear than to hop in and out to proc ase, while keeping cool down short enough to use as a lifeline if needed

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The build is fine. IMO moze needs some help. With the new com, zane has left moze in the last place in my preference.

Love the Westergun, but I’m always hard pressed to get its fire rate up. You may want think about diverting a couple of skill points to scorching RPMs.


I agree, but i also dont see how shortfuze is helping this; since already working with splash based weapons could drop down to only vampyr, even lower if the com has a +3 into the skill and put more investment into BM tree to raise damage and fire rate.
With only popping ib for annointments and oh s*** moments - grizzled should handle most of the cooldown itself; FCoW is also underrated