Horde mode like in the comics

I recently watched the battleborn comic videos on YouTube and thought the scene where rath is completely surrounded and ghalt coming in to save him would make for a pretty badass mode, I feel it would need to increase mob sizes considerably. What do you guys think?


Yeah I could see something like this working.

Possibly have it (a little similar) to how defense missions work in Warframe. Every 5 or so waves you have the option of pulling out, or gamble what you’ve gained so far on another wave.

I’d certainly do this, after ricing the PVE content so far.


Gearbox, please listen to this and implement. Your game would benefit so much from having a horde mode, and it feels really weird and somewhat incomplete without it. I just thought of this, but there could even be two variants–tower defense mode and just survival. Even within these two there could be even more variants, such as setting a wave limit and having a super-boss come at the end (a la Killing Floor) or having no wave limit (like Nazi Zombies) with more enemies appearing and scaling up each wave. It could even be similar to Battleborn Tap in having a regular boss type enemy come every five waves.

I don’t know if you have any plans for this, but the first thing that I thought when I played this game was “man, horde mode would be great.” The story missions get boring and tedious after a while (especially with no matchmaking for advanced), so the co-op in this game, while much greater than in other similar games of its genre, is still somewhat lacking.

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I’d love a mode to just slam my face against ■■■■ to kill. Story campaigns are cool, but something else to just play with people rather than always against I think would be tight. Hell, throw an option to have a ten man and just let ■■■■ fly; let the Battleborn really throw down as a raid.


The missions themselves already actually feel set up like “raids” in a sense, just without the difficulty (in normal mode). “Ten man” raids could be interesting, but I imagine could also cause severe issues with performance–a lot of people already experience pretty significant lag during certain parts of certain missions due to either the large number of enemies or large amount of environment being rendered, and putting ten people into a “raid” would just make it necessary to add even larger areas and more enemies, plus the ten players with all of their skills flying off.

Horde mode, though. Horde mode. Sometimes you just don’t want to have to walk from point a to point b to kill things–you want the things to come to you.

Just been thinking that it could also serve as a way of testing out a character before you drop yourself into a full length game of Story Mode or PvP.

Taking it up another notch add a randomize to both what you face, like say a mix of Jennerit and Robots. Along with something similar to Moxxies Arenas in Borderlands; which had buffs to the enemies and debuffs to the players.

I actually feel like the story missions are just fine for testing out characters, lol, but I see your point. Horde mode would be less tedious for it.

I’m not sure I want it structured like the Borderlands arenas, but I would accept it, and it would make sense since these are both games made by Gearbox.

Agreed; to clarify it would potentially be quicker (takes less time) to see if you like the character / can work with it.

Also I’ve found that very rarely do I hit max level while playing the Anomaly, so I seldom on that one story get to see the 10th helix effect. :grin:

In a sense of performance they could make the setting a Varelsi void zone, really cuts down on too intricate of backdrops and big empty blackness all around save for ■■■■ here or there. Just think several dozen varelsi skulks with hunters and zerkers with sub conservators bombarding you.

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Im glad other people feel the same, I happened to think about this also, I said nothing about it because it seems like such a perfect fit I just assume they are going to implement it. Battleborn has an oppurtunity to create many fun additional game modes, However, there are other priorities that need to be adressed by them first.

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so basically you want to make consoles lag like all hell? as nice as it would be it might not even be possible right now or even in a year or so because of all the things they need to work out. its not overwatch where blizzard can just buy whatever they need, 2ks cash goes mostly to nearing worthless sports games but i’m sure they will be realizing real soons non-profit those are going to be in the future. give them time its only been a short time before they released.

It’s also possible that something like this could come with one of the DLC’s. The occasional lag will eventually be sorted / mitigated. As you said it’s early days, so there were bound to be glitches / hitches.

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I’m not sure I like that Varelsi void zone idea. It was nifty as a gimmick for that boss fight, but I found it rather annoying and disorienting. It wouldn’t make for a good permanent area, imo.

And testmaster, I don’t think that horde mode would be too strenuous on the game. Yes, it has been a short time since release, but the time to voice our opinions is now, not after they’ve already decided on everything that they want to and will add. This is Gearbox–if they support this game anything like Borderlands, they’re likely already working on the second or even third dlc while they finish up the first, and this is a compliment to them. They (generally) care about their games, and I do think that if enough players are willing to say, “yeah, this would be cool! Can we have it?” they’ll listen.

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Yes would be awesome to have a horde mode.

What if they added a leader board for who survived the longest and they showed team comps too? It would make me want to play non stop to keep a record. It would be so satisfying. I love horde mode. I pretty much played that exclusively on ME and GoW for a long time and never got bored. It’d be great if try even added faction in fightin like veralsi fighting Jenerit or Isic enemies and add lore to it like how rendain started to fight the v and then joined them. Be nice to see what he was like before hand.

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Agreed up to a point. Me personally I can’t stand leader boards, as far, far, FAR to often they are topped by glitchers and hackers. For example, on Warframe there are people who have completed obstacle courses in less than 1sec…

Now that’s not to say that it would happen, but still some people will do anything to see their name in lights (which is kinda sad, either do it legitimately or don’t). I don’t mind friend leader boards.

Be a great way to ban people. Warframe should ban by IP with people like that. It’s sad DE doesn’t the it seriously. Even if just friend LB would be fun.

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Are you ok! Did you hurt yourself?

Hoard mode would be really cool. I used to love the one in MW3 with each wave getting harder and harder. Possibly add in random Badass enemy that could drop Epic and Legendary items at the end of phases.

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I would love a horde mode wth a five man team just to get to duke it out and destroy stuff. Honestly nothing is more satisfying than completely destroying enemies while I try to stay alive.