Horde Mode--Please


You’ve done a phenomenal job with your game, but the story mode grind for legendary gear is counter-productive. There are places to explore and good dialogue, but when you boil it down story mode is a series of escort or defense missions leading to a raid with a story stitching them together.

The campaign was intriguing THE FIRST TIME. While it’s a good idea to reward ‘dedication,’ even your favorite meal turns bland if you eat it enough.

I’m not saying get rid of story mode, but giving players another method to unlock these legendaries, such as a horde mode with varying difficulties or effects, would allow players to forgo the exhaustive (though beautiful) story maps and get down to an all out fight for the universe (not to mention the wicked fun slaughter parties in triumph over their enemies).

By ‘horde mode’ I mean:
-5 players
-Limited lives
-Varying Maps
-Scaling enemies
-Scaling rewards (Say on Adv Hardcore you get an extra legendary every 5 waves or something)
-etc. (Like Gears of War 3 but with Shards, Turrets, and 10x the sword on sword action)

Example reward pool (Adv. Hardcore)*:
Wave 5: 1 Legendary 2 Epic.
Wave 10: 2 Legendaries 2 Epics 2 Uncommon
Wave 15: 4 Legendaries 3 Epics 3 Uncommon

*Just an example, may not actually represent the difficulty.

Other Solutions:
Raids: Just cut to the chase and cut them down!
Escort: Reach the end = victory.
Defense: Same as story mode. Protect the core through a definite number of waves = victory (Even though this mission type is annoying).

Thank you for your time.
What do others think?


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