Horizontal split screen

My fiancee and I like playing coop games and Borderlands 2 is our favorite. We found that the vertical splitscreen was more restrictive to what we could see and we play with Horizontal. This option in Battleborn would be great.

We have managed so far with vertical but wish you could reconfigure the UI so you can drag player view right to the edge.

If you are able rectify and add a horizontal split screen option that would be fantastic.

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I think it’s classified the other way but yea I also have the issues and hope we can use the vertical split ie left and right instead of up and down splits

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I would love this option as well. My fiance enjoys this game almost as much as I do and horizontal split would be far more convenient.

I agree. I my girlfriend finds this angle to be difficult as well. We would love a vertical split option, but more importantly, can we make the map much smaller in split screen, it takes up about a 1/4 of my TV.

Love the beta but I wish there was a vertical split screen