Horizontal/Vertical Splitscreen?

Hey there,

My partner and I have recently just finished playing both Borderlands GOTY and Borderlands 2 THC, in preparation for BL3. When we first logged in, we were immediately turned off by Horizontal Splitscreen because everything is cramped and stretched.
We were very happy to find that there was an option to change to Vertical Splitscreen, and after editing our field of view, found split screen incredibly comfortable and enjoyable to play.

Imagine our dismay upon logging into BL3 for the first time, upon its immediate release, only to find… or rather… not find any option to change splitscreen to Vertical. This horizontal split screen is horrible and makes the game very unenjoyable.

Is there an option to change split screen to Vertical? If not, are there plans to add the option at a later date?

Edit: I always get the two mixed up. I figured vertical meant up and down (above and below), and horizontal was left to right. But My gripe is that I wish to be able to split the screen left to right. So when my partner and I are sitting next to each other, we effectively get our own screens. (Original post edited to correct my misunderstanding). :slight_smile:


To be clear:

Horizontal Split Screen: [------]
A horizontal split, a horizontal cut between the two screens, which now lie above and below.

Vertical Split Screen: [ | ]
A vertical split, a vertical cut between the two screens, which now lie left and right.

I have very much preferred to play with vertical split screen, playing with my partner as well. It just makes sense with modern widescreen aspect ratios. Horizontal split screen is a product of old square aspect ratio CRTs.

Take a 4k display (3840x2160). Horizontal split is 3840x1080, more than 3x the width as height. It’s just silly compared to 1920x2160 which is nearly square. The UI just doesn’t fit, and it feels like you’re peeping through a slit!

Here’s hoping it’s a week 1 patch if that’s your concern, as it is mine!


This was a big disappointment to load up at midnight and be squished into horizontal split-screen.
Gearbox, we need vertical split-screen in co-op so we can actually see what we’re doing.
Between this and the horrendous fps drops when opening menus and vending machines, it’s almost unplayable in local co-op right now.


Oh yeah we need vertikal Splitscreen asap please!



I didn’t even play immediately, I instead scoured the internet for an answer as to how to change to Vert split. To no avail.
Been playing with Horizontal… much to my eyes distaste… and their consistent pain from squinting.


Thankyou for correcting me, the terminology confused me, post edited to reflect this newfound information :stuck_out_tongue: lol


My partner and me were shocked too. Searching 15mins for the option to change to vertical split screen left us some kind of disappointed.

Please fix this :slight_smile:


Long time Borderlands player here. Yes my son and I have played vertical co-op on BL1, 2, the Handsome Jack collection all on XBox and now HJC on PS4. So disappointed to not find an option to switch to Vertical split screen, especially as every other version of the series has had this. Please fix asap. I honestly wouldn’t have bought the game if I’d known this. Gutted.


Gearbox please please patch this if you can!


Hey, gearbox team! My gf and I highly enjoyed Borderlands Handsome Collection and Borderlands 1 on our PS4, and we got Borderlands 3 Super Ultimate Edition because of potentially even better split screen experience… Now we found out that vertical split screen isn’t there, which is such a disappointment, but we hope it is fixable with a patch or something. Borderlands series provide best split screen co-op we’ve ever experienced, please don’t ruin it for us. Best Regards, Sergey and Olga from Shanghai!


The main reason I bought this game is because of the vertical split screen option so I could play with my wife. She literally cried because this wasn’t included. I bought the super deluxe edition expecting months of game play. It is near impossible to play the game as is. Menus are unreadable, enemies are all but invisible, tips are so small. If I had not already opened the package I would be returning this game. This is an absurd exclusion.


Same. Wife is super sad right now. Got the Diamond Loot edition and everything. We’re gonna go to sleep and see what happens by the morning.


Same here. We were really looking forward to it, and its very disappointing that they made it almost impossible to play for us. Hoping for the patch, as we also bought the super deluxe


Please add it!! My wife also wants to play this game vertically and we were so accustomed to vertical that we feel it’s unplayable. I feel so lost and uncomfortable.


My wife and I are in the same boat on Xbox One. The horizontal split screen makes the game pretty much unplayable. You can’t see anything! We will be waiting with our fingers crossed for a patch. Just sucks we both took off of work tomorrow for this…


Yeah , you would think after every other game in the franchise had vertical split screen option it’s safe to assume this one would too. Hopefully we hear back from Gearbox soon


Please fix this. This game came out on our anniversary this year and has been apart of our marriage. Please add the vertical view the horizontal view is hurting my head.


Yeah me and my wife also sorted a few days off to spend playing this and wouldn’t have bought it if we knew theres not gonna be a vertical split screen option. Its mad. It’s the best split screen game out there and most people prefer vertical seems like, so I really hope it gets sorted asap


Same nonsense! If something ain’t broke why try and fix it? How did they forget a visual element that was in all previous versions? We need a vertical split! The game play is horrible without it


That plus the horrible lag trying to access the menus , and the game is almost impossible to play really