Horizontal/Vertical Splitscreen?

Or in the case of BL3 “use all of the system resources unnecessarily”.


There’s a lot that goes into it. I get that it’s not as simple as flipping a toggle. Just frustrated at this point.

Voted!! :slightly_smiling_face:


Voted as well. Frustrated beyond belief as well @renfried, more so with the fact that we still have no answer either way at this point.


Somehow I believe we’ll reach Sept 13th and we’ll still be clueless about it and not being able to play the game 1 year after release… :pensive:


IF possible, do go vote, at least this will bring our plight to the single players so they are aware that some part of the community are being shafted by the lack of support for the vertical split screen

Community initiated voting for 1 wish (split screen is inside)

I voted, but if someone wants, they can vote and make a comment and link out that thread to the one we have here so people can see how desired this feature is

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Ironically, they are isolating the couch coop player base that could very well be the motivator that encourages more other people to buy the game to have a fun game playing experience with their significant other/partner.

Getting vertical split screen up (which means the same thing as making couch coop playable) is most definitely going to help their player base and sales and should be prioritized. (split screen players that enjoy the games will also more likely purchase DLCs)

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No it won’t - a working split screen means for them : sell only one copy for two people.

And as I overview the threads here with all the problems players have - I don’t think we see vertical split at any time.

As I stated 500 posts ago - in my opinion it shouldn’t be that hard to implement this feature if you have done it for BL1, BL 2 AND BL TPS before. Why shouldn’t they have developed their game in the exact same way if they 're concerned of their fanbase ?

Why did they remove the LAN function for consoles also if it’s not about money making selling two copies?

Just look at all the other triple a games out there - just a few are developed to the end when they 're released and work as they should.

I guess they ignore this little percentage of players like me (and all the people here writing in this forum) when it’s all about making more money and by now I even think they would release the option for vertical as a payed dlc.

Remember remember the 13th of September - the day borderlands as the fans liked it - probably died for “old-school” players & fans like us.

R.I.P. Borderlands :frowning:


Just want to point out that I seriously doubt the developers are ‘proud’ of certain aspects of the game. When you read interviews with devs after large game releases there are always things they regret. In this case, I find it more likely that development was cut short on non-core features by publisher deadlines. I don’t think anyone on the actual production team is happy with the state of certain game aspects, but they also have obligations to the publisher that must be met.

The real challenge here is to make clear to the publisher that they need to prioritize features they consider non-core to gameplay. The challenge is to show the publisher that forcing a game studio to push out a release with features that aren’t fully implemented just to be able to say “hey, we have splitscreen co-op!” is not going to be rewarded.

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Come on friends, go vote! There is definitely more than 41 of us in this thread.


This IS the Biggest thread ever.

I am amazed gearbox hasnt addressed this yet.

Its not ok. :ok_hand:

I am fortunate enough to play on pc with my wife on two laptops but it is different for Console gamers.

A family usually has one console as theres never a reason to buy multiple. They usually have one big screen to play together.

Borderlands goty.
Borderlands 2 goty

People have played this with a controller together for a decade.

2k/Gearbox you need to get on this.


I keep checking this thread to see if the devs have addressed this issue. I haven’t bought the game and won’t be buying the game until it’s fixed. I feel bad for those that wasted money on this game. I hope you all got refunds.


I ended up buying a second tv and console…

I’ve almost gotten that desperate. I just don’t have room in my living room for another 65" TV and it kinda defeats the purpose if we’re playing in separate rooms.

We have a really small living room, Ive installed the 2nd tv on a motorized lift(around 150$) so I can Hide it behind the main tv when not in use, we still play together on the couch

I like the motorized lift idea. Makes me want to remodel my living space, lol.

I voted


Didn’t get a refund on my Collectors Edition but I did for my Super Deluxe Edition. I still have my Collectors Loot Chest sitting in a room unopened, out of my sight. Can’t bear to look at it. Waited so long and was so disappointed. Hopefully, I’ll be able to play it someday.


I can’t even go out and buy another console and version of the game since I play on a XB1X and if I try to join another game my console crashes. However even if it didn’t I still wouldn’t do it, just too much animosity toward Gearbox now days that I have zero interest in contributing another penny toward this company they way they handled this release.


Been there, done that with the XB1 crashes. My bf & I are playing together on separate consoles/TVs. Solution was that he needs to join my game, not the other way around. No more crashes except for random ones here & there…