Horizontal/Vertical Splitscreen?

Adding my voice to the choir. The wife and I are pretty disappointed, we’ve been waiting so long for this and to have couch co-op almost unplayable on launch makes me want to request a refund.

Couch Co-Op currently has the following issues:

  • UI Scaling in splitscreen is AWFUL. I have to get 2 feet away from the large screen TV to read some text. No option to change scaling.
  • No option for vertical splitscreen, which is nicer on modern TV’s than horizontal.
  • Sound glitches during split screen (in particular character speech)
  • Lag when accessing menu’s. This is problematic since if one of us is fighting something and the other goes into the menu, it’s lag city and you can barely aim or fight. Essentially the players have to both wait to access menu’s until no combat is going on.

Gearbox, at a minimum please address the first 2 items - these are critical. I’m blown away the game has launched like this :frowning:


How in the world did they release this game with these issues? Did they even play co-op on the console? There is no way the UI scaling/small text should have passed QA as well as the taking away the Vertical split screen option. It is unplayable. If I don’t see a patch by Sunday I will pursue a refund.


By the way, it becomes clear why it was initially declared that the cooperative is now only for two people on one screen - it’s because four horizontal screens on one monitor would be a pretty narrow :sweat_smile:


My wife and I hate it! Please bring back vertical!


Yup wont play the game until it’s fixed, really you’d think they’d at least ask their fan base if we thought it was needed. As the answer is obviously yes. Especially since all of the tvs on the market are widescreen.

Im surprised they didn’t care to address this as one of the main inclusions in the game.


Literally created an account to chime in here - Preordered expensive game specifically to play side by side with my wife. Super disappointed to only see stacked co-op. Played for a bit anyway, tons of issues with laggy menus and difficult combat. Someone really dropped the ball here as side by side co-op is one of the main selling points of this game for a lot of people. Hoping for a patch ASAP, but not holding my breath as it’s probably a fair bit of code.

55" TV and could barely read most text with no way to adjust font size. This is just basic accessibility stuff, kind of shameful that this made it out the door like this.


Ditto!!! Dunno who signed off on that, but it’s unacceptable! Please fix ASAP.


I also find it crazy how many people on the Facebook posts are getting offended that people actually want any form of split screen :joy: such a strange hill to want to die on but so many apparently do


Lol. They are jealous they dont have anyone to play with! I’m guessing the creators are also awfully lonely, seems this was never tested. Looks like the first attempt at split screen in gaming ever not an evolution of what was a great option.


You guys, we’re part of a movement. If you google “Borderlands 3 split screen” this page is the 3rd result. Googling “Borderlands 3 vertical split screen” or “Borderlands 3 horizontal split screen” will grab you this page as the first result!

Keep it going, and make sure it’s abundantly clear this is a big issue! This absolutely deserves an expedited, official response.


It is so surprising that gearbox didn’t plan for vertical split screen considering how much they promote playing Borderlands with friends. Like so many others, I have been waiting patiently for years for the release of 3 and have been participating in all the pre-game hype and activities only to be severely disappointed with vacation days I can’t get back and money wasted. I won’t even start the game until this is patched. I hope it is soon. GB, you really let us couch Co-Op’ers down and for something that seems so simple to have kept in the formula.



Some kind of official response to at least know we’re being noticed at all would be a relief mind


Hope they fix this. It should have been in game by default. There is no good reason not to have vertical splitscreen. Should be a easy implement to get it done. There other titles have it.


Still no official response yet other than one measly reply on Facebook that this has been sent to the appropriate team? This is all over the news now too… I’m getting really concerned that they aren’t listening and just focusing on their launch parties atm while we sit in limbo.


+1 to this thread… For the love of all that’s holy… Or the twins… Which ever you prefer, FIX THIS PLEASE!!!


The horizontal splitscreen as currently implemented is borderline unplayable. PLEASE BRING BACK VERTICAL, but if you won’t/can’t, we need some way to navigate menus, item descriptions, etc., so that they are actually readable.

My sweetie and I are having to sit on lawn chairs with our faces scrunched against our 55" television in order to read anything, and it’s really offputting. :frowning:


I made an account just to add another post. This is insane. It IS borderline unplayable. My wife won’t play it because she can’t read the menus and the horizontal split gives her a headache. I spent $270 on the collectors edition so the game can sit unplayed. They need to fix this and add vertical split screen in a hurry. Maybe make the text a bit easier to read while they are at it.


Adding vertical split and fixing the menu lag would make things 100x better right out of the gate.


Please , patch the game with vertical split screen. Its a must on our big tvs in 2019, bought the game exclusively for the split screen feature