Horizontal/Vertical Splitscreen?

I’ve started from the level 13 new players, 4-player splitscreen through the story. Performance on the new Xbox Series X is amazing. I had one crash when travelling to the Metroplex, but I put that on GB, not MS.

But the font, as many have mentioned since, day 1, is too small.

You lose the detailed item card when looking at gear in 3 or 4 player modes (for the players with the smaller windows). In 3-player, the primary player’s view is the same as 2-player.

So you have to go into the item details to see what the item is. All you see is the smaller item compare window that pops up for your current gear, when you examine stuff not in your inventory. You don’t even get the item name, so good luck sorting through your vault. I can’t imagine running Arms Race like this, if you have to go through extra steps to identify and compare gear.

And for some reason, they put the little item card right over your inventory list when you’re at the vending machines. This means you can only see 3 of the 4 items that are listed. They should have put it between the vending machine and your inventory so you can see without having to keep scrolling up and and to see the next item.

This is something that should have been caught and fixed in testing. But I guess that’s what we do.


Just dropping back in having finally got to try it out last night (XB1S). No real performance issues, but, yeah, still can’t read the text without getting up, walking over to the TV and squinting at it. Also just weird things like only p1 got a minimap. Suggests some weird cropping going on.

Anyway, now we’ve been able to play if without squinting through a letterbox, my wife has been able to try it without feeling sick from the swaying motion through a sliver… And just doesn’t like it because it’s an FPS. :neutral_face:

I’ll be playing alone then, after all that… :sweat_smile:

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We made a point of testing the vertical split screen some more last night on the Series X. There were zero performance issues and no crashes! One thing we did though was move up to Mayhem 11 so there were no modifiers on, but still plenty of action in the runs we did, and we also tried Arms Race for the first time & it was pretty cool! We both even opened our menus during the action to see what would happen & there’s were no glitches or choppiness. The load times are insanely fast, and I can see a change in the color vividness in the game as well. Because we already know the story and the guns, I think all the reading of the text isn’t totally necessary at this point, so I can forgive them on the tiny text. I do foresee us foregoing playing on our own tvs and playing more vertical couch co-op for sure. Overall, I think GBX wanted to make sure the game was PLAYABLE on vertical, and that’s why all the rest of the UI issues are not perfect. I see changes coming down the line…


Doesn’t sound promising though if some of you are still having crashing issues on the console, something some of us have had since the games release but that is for other threads.

Glad some of you are making it work but in the end it has a LONG way to go it seems before Split Screen is actually viable. To this day it still baffles me that they could not even increase the text size and fix the UI for it. Seems to me that it clearly shows that GBX doesn’t really test their products and if they do they are takeing the, “Well it does work in a sense.” approach.


Hopefully now that next gen has split screen and the fact it’s been brought to the forefront whereas the base game launch there wasn’t much talk other than yes it’s there. So hopefully more people will co-op now there’s 2,3,4 player couch co-op and more voices to share their what they think needs to be improved i.e scaleable text size. The Outer Worlds had do the same via a patch

I just find it really baffling how they hardcore advertised the split-screen for next gen when it’s still in the state that it is in.

Honestly believe they are not real world testing this stuff.


As we agreed earlier, it was their way to say, “Hey look we listened to our player base and gave them what they wanted, lookie lookie!” Guess it would be like going to the hospital needing a kidney transplant for a family member and they just hand you kidney (BL3) in a box. I mean if you look at it that way they did give you what you wanted even though the last three times (BL1, BL2, BLTPS) they actually put it in your family member for you and it worked.

As for testing, that is what they have their customers that paid full price for.

The thing that’s really disappointing with this issue.

It came out at launch broken. It was ignored for over a year.

Now that is disappointing but there’s covid and the game has a lot of other issues taking up resources during that time. You could excuse them if you wanted to.

BUT with the big announcement it’s coming to next gen and we’re bringing it to current gen, blah blah set off the fireworks, the social media train can roll with it.

Then it launches and they’ve literally just put a line down the centre, job done. That is what’s really disappointing. It’s not like it wasn’t known, people have been commenting on the patch notes for months about tiny text and UI.


Lol yea. It’s literally toggling a switch. I posted a video of how to do it in UE4 somewhere in this thread.

Sure there’s ui stuff to refit into horizontal screens and that’s where Autodesk mucks things up, but still.

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Oh and I imagine both split screen modes look fantastic running from a high end game dev pc, on an Xbox and PS4 emulator, sitting at a desk with a large hires pc monitor.


I certainly hope you didn’t really expect them to hook a console up to an actual television and play as pretty much 95% of their customers would.

I haven’t used splitscreen much until recently because we didn’t like horizontal splitscreen. Now that vertical is out we have been playing with it and enjoying ourselves. Here are my pros/cons in no particular order.

The text really isn’t that bad on a 50" TV but it was bigger in past games.

Sometimes it is annoying to have to scroll around the screen so much but I think that just comes with playing splitscreen.

The inspect screen is much better on BL3 vs BL2 and TPS. (BL2 doesn’t have it, TPS only shows the weapon without stats)

My main issue is the one that I’ll present below that deals with the backpack.

Why does it only show 4 weapons at a time? It’s not that big of an issue but if I’m looking for something fast it’s not as easy as before, yet there is still enough open screen available to display more of the backpack. (Idk why this is, could be something I don’t understand. Edit: it is probably because that’s how the horizontal splitscreen was and it was just easiest to, as the above posters said, draw a line down the middle.)

Overall I’m grateful for vertical splitscreen. Thank you.


Second attempt after realising what you were referring to…

When you highlight an equipped weapon and then move the selection over to the backpack items, does it pop up the second item card in the space on the lower right so you can compare stats? If so, that might be why the display is the way it is.

You’re right! Oops. Thank you!

Just a random post on this but couldn’t help to wonder how a smaller company (Beenox) remade Crash Team Racing and managed to do split screen ten times better (even 4 way) than what we have in BL3. Reason I know this is because I bought it this weekend for the family to play during the time off and we had a blast and it got me thinking…

Is this what you’re wondering about? Why this looks 10x better than borderlands splitscreen? If so, I think your answer is in the bottom right corner.

Yep, that would be the one, we even played it with all 4 going at the same time. If only GBX could call in the people that did this split screen and have them do it for BL3.

You really don’t see the difference in how simple that game is compared to borderlands? There’s almost nothing on the screen even in solo.

Um this is totally necro… I mean I didn’t try it yet but split verti and hori are options in game now.

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This will not necro until the rest of the split screen issues are fixed as well. Or until no one cares anymore.