Hornet burst behavior

I farmed a OP6 Hornet from Knuckles today (for fun) and took it to the Peak to give it a try.
It works surprisingly well, killed everything in the first 2 rooms. Of course, Dukes Mom destroyed me in the next room, but that’s another story.

The burst fire mode on the Hornet does not always burst, though. I’ve noticed this over the years, sometimes when you’re scoped in and fire, the Hornet will only spit out one bullet.
It does not matter how full the mag is, it just seems like kinda randomly it doesn’t actually burst.

I assume others have seen this. It’s disconcerting, especially when you’re expecting the next burst to take out and enemy and you get just one plink.
Has anyone ever seen a reason for this? Doesn’t happen with other Dahl weapons.


I’ve always thought it was burst-burst-single-reload? A number of burst fire weapons seem to do that (Also moving to L&W).

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Nope, just did it again with a completely full mag.
Quick edit - twice in a row, in fact.


You sure you’re not just easing up on the fire button too fast? Or mis-timing the ADS?

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Ole Lead Finger Me? Nope.

And yes, I filed a support ticket with Dahl customer service, they have a intergalactic backlog though.



XB1 Axton Neutralizing Hornet with 23 mag size consistently gives four bursts (1 per trigger pull while ADS) as what appears to be 6+6+6+5.

XB1 Maya React Hornet with 23 mag size gives 6 bursts (last one short) but she also has 10/5 Foresight for +40% mag size.

I did notice that if I’m fully ADS before hitting the RT I get the expected pattern. If I hit fire before I’m fully ADS, however, I will sometimes not get the burst fire. It seems to be a split-second timing thing, so it’s a bit hard to reproduce on console.

Edit: Aha! Sal with Twin Hornet 29 per mag. I get a consistent pattern while holding ADS continually unless I’m holding or hit the RT at the end of the reload animation just before the gun snaps back into the ADS position.

So expect reload speed will also play into whether or not you get a single or burst fire, since there seems to be a brief window at the end of the reload animation in play?


Standing in the hallway of Digi Peak (Mom killed me again.
OP6 Floated, 32 in the mag
6-6-6-6-6-2 reload
6-6-6-6-6-2 reload
6-6-6-6-6-2 reload
This is very consistent. Whole time not letting off the sights, just pulling the trigger and holding. Since I’m not in combat I am not releasing the trigger until the burst has fully subsided.
Just recorded it, I’ll post here after I restart my Xbox since I can only upload one thing before it loses connection to OneDrive…

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Update on Sal:

  • ADS and hold
  • Burst 1
  • Burst 2
  • Burst 3
  • Reload
  • if I’m still holding the trigger down through the reload animation, i consistently get a single shot immediately after the reload. If I let go of the trigger before the reload animation completes, I don’t.

Not quite the same as here, but close


There’s something very slightly off with the timing on that final trigger pull where you get just the single shot. It’s weird. I wonder if you get the same thing on PC, or whether it’s a console thing?

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i think so to, ROA reflex is just too fast :wink: and he needs to join the group for some arena and raids. :wink:


I’ve actually experienced this with Dahl splitters in TPS, unwaveringly ADS, seems like it’s a single shot between bursts nearly every time.

I too reached out to Dahl Corp. but they claimed the Elpis landing was a hoax, then they flat denied the existence of Elpis altogether.

Edit: In the name of accurate data, I’m on ps4


You know I’ve never played co-op Nat. And even if I tried I’m lettin’ you know ahead of time that I’m a DPS Siren, not a nurse. :wink: -RoA

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oh you’re gonna love it. I can be a full nurse. @Slif_One help me out to convince roa. :wink:

We will follow each and everyone’s lead, no one is left behind, if you die we die together.

I will also try to get @Dr_Do-Little @paulothead for some runs.


I’m with Nat. It doesn’t matter what character you play, Nat can play everything and we love Sirens. Everyone’s never played co-op until they do for the first time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes @Dr_Do-Little you too, get in on it! I didn’t even know @paulothead was on PS4, that’s just rude.

If you’re still not convinced, I have just one question for you.


You’re sucking me back in, I’m getting the twitches like when I used to play Quake Arena on-line…

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@nat_zero_six As long as we can get my time to line up with everyone else’s you know I’m in. I’ll have to get some characters up to 80 and beyond, but I’d be honored to meet up with y’all on Pandora if you don’t mind a little mediocrity.

@Slif_One I only recently got a PS4, I wasn’t trying to be rude. I just usually have to plan for coop sessions. Plus I’m not even level 80 yet with any of my toons, but when I get there I’d love to do some peaking (I’ve never been on the peak coop) and maybe even some raiding (which I’ve never actually done without some Sal flavored cheese).

@RavenOfArisia I hear this game is better with friends, and I aim to find out.

I’m Hanzothesaw on PSN. Add me with your forum handle in the FR (if different than your PSN) and I’ll accept straight away so we can make this happen.

What’s your timezone?

That’s mostly what I bring to the table :joy:

I meant nothing by that. I’m Aussie, you’ll ever get used to it or tolerate it. I think most just do the latter :rofl:

Assistance can be provided, should you so desire it.

Ew. I don’t think any of us even play Salvador.

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NY time, I can’t remember the timezone. I play mostly during the day while my son naps, but can schedule other times occasionally.

I know. It seems like the joke tends to be that I don’t get the joke, but I even breath sarcastically so it’s all good. I’ll probably get on your nerves before you get on mine.

I play all of the toons on a rotation because the variety is what dusts my doilies. Sal was the one I was least interested in and I only really started him up to rock some overalls and farm gear for everyone else. But after (mumblety mumble) hours I’ve grown to love them all equally. I may have video game ADD.

I’m going to go ahead and assume that you haven’t met too many Aussies :joy: