Horrible Console aiming (playing PS4 but would like to hear from all console users) hi

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Curious as to what other people think. I’ve played borderlands 1-2 on console and never had issues, not did I have issues with battleborn, the aiming on that was quite responsive and great. But I am honestly struggling to hit anything in BL3, they have done dead zone settings and zoom setting which is great, but verticle sens is low and can’t adjust it, aim assist is insanely too sticky, but can’t hit anything without it sadly, and the worst thing is the input delay when moving the stick, feels like they have an insane amount of Sim smoothing applied which is causing laggy and slow responses when I aim, granted it’s not much, but you can feel it. Compared to something like battlefield it seems like bl3 is moving your Crosshair through mud.

I’m curious to know whether other people feel the same, I know I can aim fine, but this feels like farcry 5 aiming, very floaty, I’m not sure if gearbox can address this, or if it is too build in to how the engine processes, or if it may be their AA or rendering that causes it, whatever the case may be.

Struggling to hard to hit anything unless it is standing still is killing the enjoyment for me big time, it’s just missed the mark hard, and I know the other games were not perfect, but I feel like they have gone backwards, especially after battleborn and how nice it’s aim mechanics felt.

I know when you lower aim smoothing on overwatch it completely gets rid of the laggy sluggy feeling, so that’s kind of how I compare it.

Anyway, thoughts everyone?


Haven’t had any issues personally.


I feel the exactly the same I almost regret the buying it tbh

Everything feels so delayed


That’s great for you honestly (no sarcasm), I mean it’s usable, but imo it can 100% be improved on, and I feel like it should be, some people just don’t notice it I guess

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Yeah I 100% agree, it’s not often I would worry about things like this, but I love the series, and the fact that the aiming is just damaging possibly their greatest entry yet just hurts me, and I just want to get opinions and draw people’s attention to the matter.
The game deserves better, hopefully gearbox takes time to look and consider options if they hear about it enough.


Similar issue on xbox one, and the motion blur is nauseating. I havent had too much trouble hitting things but I’m not convinced the aim assist is actually on or present (which I checked it was supposed to be).

Hopefully a patch for the lag will come soon


On ps4 i have so much imput lag when moving not as much when it comes to aiming


Aim assist is definately on, on my end anyway, and I agree I think an option to remove motion blur would be a nice added feature also. Character movement is fine for me and while I do agree the aim is “serviceable” it is still laggy in all regards I feel.


My wife and I are playing split screen on base xbox. We can’t play without it freezing every few seconds and I’m also experiencing the laggy menus. It doesn’t have vertical split screen either and the text is crazy small on horizontal. It’s impossible to play this game at the moment.


Sorry for double post, but for any others reading, if your television has a “game” display setting do make sure you use it, as without it enables things will be even worse.

Pretty common knowledge, but just in case.

I’ve not tried split screen, sorry to hear that, but yes hopefully the fix some of the issues in coming weeks, I guess it is only day one of course.

Yeah the aiming and controls feels way more clunky than borderlands 2 or tps


I’ve had no issue with aiming except with snipers, it does seem harder to focus on targets with snipers but I’m assuming that that’s due to the particular weapons I’ve had so far.

But there is some lag/lack of responsiveness when bringing up the menu. There was also some stuttering in the gameplay visuals but this ceased when I changed the visual settings to optimise performance rather than frame rate.

Also been playing on split screen, font is indeed small and difficult to read.

For me on Xbox one X the poor overall FPS on 4k resolution mode does give noticeable movement and aiming lag. Switching to performance mode removes the issue completely.

Performance mode runs well with regards to input lag but it does have other issues.

Good to hear, also sorry but did not note that I am on standard PS4, and was curious if performance would help the issue.

I have a standard/slim Ps4 and a Ps4 Pro, once I’m home I’ll try the game on both and post details here. I really hope it’s not gonna be a problem for me on the slim as I use that as my main - the Pro is waaaay too noisy for me to use all the time so it’s basically used only when my mates come round.

Worrying though, I’ve seen so many issues reported already, from awful input lag to crashes making the game unplayable. If Gearbox has shipped this in the same messed up state they did with Aliens:CM then it will be the last game I ever buy off them (new anyway, I may get one pre-owned so the money doesn’t go to them)

You expect launch issues, but not things as fundamentally ruined as some poor PC players are experiencing. Waiting 5+ years for a game, being an early adopter and buying the game on launch day, and they can’t even play the game, that’s awful business practice. Seems Polygon was right after all, and it kinda explains loads of the review sites all being blacked out with waffle about security. Is it really a security issue, or did they want to negate as many poor reviews as possible? I hope not, cos that’d stink.

I feel you may be jumping to conclusions considering you’ve not even tried it yet. I’m on a standard xbox one, played a couple of hours this morning and the game ran perfectly.

General aiming took a little adjusting to, but I was hitting things fine once I got the hang of it.


Just another opinion, but ive been playing Borderlands 2 for a month getting ready for tonight, and i think Borderlands 3 feels good aiming and shooting. It might be the more chunky hits but i never would have even considered aiming to be a downgrade, and i actually think overall, BL3 feels better.

Its all very subjective though, so you could be feeling a difference im too casual to notice.

Good luck my friend. I hope your experience gets better!


Was playing Gaige 24 hours ago. Just started BL3 to level 9. PS4, had a blue screen crash just before freeing Vaughan. Seems even worse for PC users. There’s a world of difference between the aiming in this game. Not thrilled but hoping I’ll get used to it. All the weapons have huge sway so maybe as you progress the accuracy factor will kick in but it wasn’t like this beginning any of the 3 other games I’ve played. My biggest gripe is even playing solo on a big TV the fonts are tiny. My headaches . Also the lag going into the menu is dreadful. Hopefully these issues will get patched. Not looking forward to farming w/ the crazy time it takes to launch. Still fun but a little disappointed.

Same issues here!! Tried playing around with the aim & ads sensitivity, no joy in getting it right. Hopefully an update soon will fix this