Horrible FPS Drops/Stuttering

Thanks for the info, I was thinking of getting an SSD just for this game. I guess speed farming won’t be fun any time soon with all these stutters.

People reporting performance issues on all platforms,you’re not alone.
The only somewhat stable experience I have now is on XBX with resolution mode and my TV
using smooth image settings (somehow the stutters on XBX disappeared and no it’s not due to my TV)2 PC’s and both have the stuttering and bad performance so… I agree this was a very bad release and it still boggles my mind how this escapes consumer media ratings.

I’m not a hater,I’m actually playing the Pre Sequel because it’s so smooth to play.

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Same issue here!

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a month later…nothing is fixed. Yeah ■■■■ me sideways if I buy some AAA ■■■■■■■■ on day 1. I am so tired of this attitude, they got the money, now they can flip us off.

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I’m pretty sure that pre-orders are part of the problem,imagine you could pre-order games back then in the NES.SNES-era (I’m pretty sure there weren’t any)based on promises and the game arrived in a total broken state,yeah try to fix that lol that’s even more costly than actually delivering a finished game.Technically we buy into this current way of " fix it after " releasing.

When you really think about it and apply that to warranty,most hardware does have a warranty while being mass produced,but why is there no warranty on human error?we know we make errors lol,you see that doesn’t even make sense.

its the game not your hardware. i have a 9900k , 2080ti, 32gb ram and the game installed on a m.2 nvme ssd. even with that i get framedrops from ~120fps to <60fps sometimes in big fights. and its not even on ultra settings.
i also have no hope that they will fix this anytime soon.

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Not sure if you have tried it or not. But putting your SSD to active on performance in the power options and pc on performance fixed my issue. Mine wasnt during aiming. It was when I opened inventory or tried to go to a machine. It would lock up for 30 secs to over a minute.

The game is still as unplayable as launch day, UI freezing and lagging for seconds. No patch so far. I am done with this crap game. You cant do anything anymore anyway after 1 week, because of the 50 slot bank.

How did you do that exactly?

same hardware, same problems
I lock my framerate to 100fps but even then I got drops, looking at my cpu usage, 1 core is maxed out while the others almost fall asleep. CPU usage, on all cores, is beter on dx12 but way too high and it also eats ups ram.

so bad coding that never will be fixed

If anybody is using led control software, especially iCUE. Uninstall that garbage.

New Patch or something ?

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I visit this thread every day but after a month the game is ■■■■ and Gearbox simply don’t care. How can a software house behave like this?

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I’m willing to bet the next patch won’t fix it or even address it at all, regardless of their claims.


yeah…I guess Gearbox does not care about it, either you were lucky to get a stable framerate or no, or you decided to buy game on console.

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Seems on xbox someone got a 6.5 gb patch. Nothing yet on pc. Crossing fingers because the stutter is ruining all the experience.

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Apparently the patch will be deployed within 3pm pdt / midnight cest

The only words about performance fixes are about a november patch :frowning:
Meanwhile Outer Worlds and Red Dead 2 are about to come…if they don’t fix at least a minimum of the horrible stutter i’ll gladly forget about this mess. bah


Sheit, at least everyone suffers from this. I was toying with the idea of upgrading my rig maybe, but it’s probably not worth it. Maybe I’ll play some more BL2 since i haven’t really finished it yet. Most of the game was okay with me with very conservative tweaking (playing low-medium on a GTX980), but after I reached Eden-6 it became really frustrating to play. Sucks all the joy out of the game for me. FPS drops as low as 30 at times of action (5 enemies, particles, shooting).

If there is a performance patch in November, it better be good!! I had hoped that after one month there would be at least some minor tweaks already.

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Stall tactic. Don’t expect miracles in November or assume they will actually do what they promised.

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Do you play in dx11 or dx12? Dx12 is way faster (long loading tho) and less cpu bound. Btw as expected the stuttering is not solved. Ultra low, 30 fps, tried whatever but now and then there’s always that hiccup that breaks the action (and after a bit is incredibly tiring for eyes)

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