Horrible FPS Drops/Stuttering

Can confirm that my game runs on solid 144fps on ultra but the stuttering is a problem here every time I open a chest or switch my crosshair on things like health packs and ammo there is a big stuttering and fps jump down and back up , same thing with menus and other things like shooting rockets and from explosions and etc

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same same, 75fps benchmark, but stuttering ingame… not smooth at all

Same. 4790k + gtx 1080 ti. Tried everything - shattering, gfx lags.


Same thing here. GTX 1070 ti. Never had issues with any game I’ve ever played on any settings. Yet on this game, it doesn’t matter if I’m at Ultra settings or Very Low, I get insane and unplayable stuttering. I’m hoping they can fix this, because this game can probably be a masterpiece. But right now, it’s just so unbearable.



You’re welcome.

BTW Gearbox, if you ever need an IT person with 20+ years experience and can also do proper game testing and bug bashing, let me know. I’m only a 20 minute drive away.


Guys, try to turn off internet connection while you are in the game.

Is the default not set to this? Did this fix it for you for sure? Because my stuttering has been HORRIBLE. Not like “oh I wish I got more FPS”, but like “I can’t even aim my gun.”

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VSYNC doesnt fix everything lol, im on like an average rig and even on very low settings with 75% reso scale its still crap. They messed something up for sure.

It’s fine with fps mostly. But sluttering when fight start - impossible horror…

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also when big open areas come up, drops pretty hard but I can deal with that. Just long fights are a bit ugly.

Tried ultra, tried low settings = no difference.

Vsync is disabled in the game by default. I run a GTX 1080 and at 1440p the game stuttered like crazy. Figured I could drop the resolution to 1008p and it should fix it but it was exactly the same. Turned on VSYNC in the game and it smoothed right out. Put it back on 1440p and it’s still butter smooth. Turned it to Ultra and it’s still butter smooth, even in combat. Runs better than 2 does.


Yeeah, thats where it seems iffy. Also dx12 seems to run better for me but it takes 10min to start up lol so I cbf.

lucky you I guess

Odd, I’ll try it out when I get back on, can’t hurt to try it. But there still has to be something really wrong with the optimization right now. Hoping Gearbox is going to look into it. Because a lot of these PC’s shouldn’t be having any issues at all with their hardware. Or - if they are having issues, turning the settings on very low should theoretically fix that. Which is why I’m guessing something is really off.

Hoping they can fix it in a decent time, because this game is so much fun (minus the incredibly bad stuttering that doesn’t even let me aim correctly.)

Moogle, do you have an Nvidia or AMD GPU?

With the Nvidia GPU, which drivers are you running? Should be 436.30 released on 9/10.

yeah nvidia and I got the latest. Its an old pc but ive never had this much trouble running something on very low haha. Its mainly just fights though as mtp said. Ive pretty much tried everything.

Go full screen and enable vsync…fixed for me…7700+1060…or no…but it improved fps and lessen fps drops

Same issues, i have 20-30 with minnimum graphics (gtx 970 and Amd Fx8350 16 ram)

That’s the other part I forgot. Run Fullscreen, not Windowed, and turn on Vertical Sync.

Don’t know why they would default to windowed with vsync disabled. A bit of an odd choice since being in Windowed mode forces it to run with Windows desktop vertical synchronization. That’s probably what’s causing the frame rate issue.

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