Horrible FPS Issue

Hi there,

I am experiencing horrible FPS (5-10 FPS on the lowest settings on the lowest resolution). However my PC is far more powerful than the recommended settings.

i7 6700k
GTX 970
16GB 2400MHz DDR4

So far I have updated my GPU driver to the latest (365.10) with no changes in performance.

I have no idea what is causing this issue and it’s doing my head in! Any help would be appreciated.


Please put in a support ticket, I will also switch you over to the PC support section.


I have the exact same specs as you (GTX 980 MSI card instead of GTX 970 though),and I’ve had smooth 60fps with everything maxed.
Is there a specific area this is happening because i’ve heard this happening a Lot to people, particularly with AMD cards.

I’m curious whats causing this issue with so many players o3o

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Hi everyone. I solved this issue by reinstalling Windows 10 (solved last week 1 day after release). I do not know what the cause of the issue was.

I personally do not keep any valuable data on my PC and have very quick download speeds so doing a clean reinstall of Windows 10 was an viable solution for me. However for those who can’t I think the issue might have been caused by Visual Redistributables.

Hope this helps.

Would you be so kind as to show us a video of your in game experience with an in game FPS counter ?


The thing is my system was 4 days old when I installed battleborn. Are you sure its fixed, and are you sure it was because you reinstalled? If you were not getting errors in other games and software or in windows before battleborn then I doubt it was because you reinstalled windows, it might have been battleborn that corrupted your system though, or maybe its your perception.

I just reinstalled winodws only amd driver steam and battleborn, guess what…It changed nothing.

Windows 10 would not have been the problem but by reinstalling Windows 10 it fixed whatever was causing the issue. As I said I have no idea what was causing the issue but something was fixed in the process of reinstalling W10. I had no isses with any other game at all.

Here’s a Screenshot of what I was dealing with.

9 FPS lowest Res, lowest settings, as soon as I entered the game.

harsh. im selling my hd 7990 and going to buy a different card and will update here the outcome