Horrible FPS problems mostly for AMD users

Is this being addressed? There are a lot of people on steam and reddit including my self that cant play the game with a decent frame rate due to some presumably Physx bugs. I haven’t seen anything official if this is being worked on.


Any word gearbox? I cant play half the maps/missions because of this FPS issue.

Hi, i have the same issue with r9 270x, x4 860k, 8gb ram, very laggy, huge fps drop, very unstable even when i change settings to the lowest(no major inpact on the framerate) and set the game on 1280*720 change nothing, gearbox, please do something! :sob:
I run bf4 on ultra full hd at 40-50 fps very stable for information.

Gearbox is known for putting physX option in her games, but it dosen’t seem to be very optimized, especially if you’re not an nVidia video card owner.
I’ve suffered from that too, but I used this article and it’s actually helped me:

Follow the instructions and I’m sure the performance will stabilize.

Thanks but this change nothing, even worse my game bug now…

Since gearbox still hasn’t replied or acknowledged this problem i will post what i’ve tried so far to maybe help narrow it down more.

Uninstalled all versions of Physx from my pc.
changed all Physx values in the .ini
updated AMD drivers to the latest beta drivers
Tried most of the different combinations of in game graphics settings ( made no difference lower or higher)
Made some other .ini tweaks from “recommended guides” no difference

Final result is the game still drops to 12-18 frames in weird places on certain maps and has random hiccups in others

1 Week in no response… awesome.

Hoping to revive this thread. As of now I can’t play anything except meltdown, paradise.

Im starting to become pretty good at it but I’d still like to do story more.

Haha same here. I play 95% meltdown paradise and every now and then some one screws me over and votes for coldsnap which means i get 20-60 FPS at random places and have to play something with a big spray gun to compete.

Not to be one of those guys, but overwatch plays at a solid 60-70 FPS on ultra settings on all maps with all heros in all situations.

I much prefer battleborn but i think ill get tired of paradise eventually.

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Yeah, let’s try to keep one of these posts alive, on the off-chance anyone from Gearbox actually reads any of these things.



My specs are Radeon 265, CPU FX-8320, 10GB RAM and i tried everything to optimize the game here, but not work.

This FPS drops are awful.

I played Overwatch in High and in any time my FPS droped, it’s very nice all the time around 70 FPS.

Since I can not return the game, please fix this issue for me to play.


Just a fun reminder that this is still broken :sunglasses: and still ruining the game :disappointed:

Its still broken, gearbox is still silent, and stop blaming AMD its the same on NVIDIA.

Please fix or properly address it gearbox!

almost 2 weeks with game breaking performance issues. Amazing response speed… I’m so glad we are tied to the damn slow consoles.

Something I’ve noticed, I can open Battleborn to the main menu, alt-tab to desktop, open a folder and move it around on my desktop and it moves in super slow motion. It’s like Battleborn chokes all my system’s resources before I even start a mission.l

It’s uncool that they always say praudly they read/listen us (I don’t doub that, I know they take time to hear us), but they should start answering/aknowling problems here and not just writing random posts on reddit…

It’s OK if fixing this will take them some time (we understand the fixing list should be really long), they are not superhuman… but answering some posts here would be highly appreciated. Mainly because people, beside standing their problems, is taking time to write GBX, give them all this precious data, supporting them… instead of just raging against the game on several other places.

PS: Yes, GBX did aknowledge some performance issues, but did they aknowledge this one?

Yup still an issue.I drop down to about 8 fps.
Currently playing the game on about 1024X768 res with literally everything turned off.
I’m shooting at big pixelated vaguely skin colored blobs.

I am experiencing this same issue. Like many others have said, it’s not constantly bad, but the spots where FPS drops are frequent enough to make the game unplayable.

core i5 with r 380 4GB card.

Just stopping by to give this a bump. Tested the “hotfix” fixes and they did nothing both times. Also from the big patch announcement it sounds like this is either being ignored or fixed silently.