Horrible Frame Loss and Stuttering

Is there already a thread talking about this? The search function here is horrible.

Just simply for FYI - I can play Overwatch in 4k at Max (Dual 970’s) on SLI and have no problem at all. However, even trying to run Battleborn in 2k on SLI the game stutters after a few minutes of play going from 60fps to 2fps constantly. Makes it literally unable to play.

Even reducing the resolution and settings down as much as I can… I still feel stuttering. Was playing it perfectly fine during the closed/open testing, so how do you screw something up like that so bad?

No overlays are running, no Plays.TV, no OBS/Stream. Clean booted system and it happens all the time.

Figure it out?


If it helps I can play at max settings in multi but stutter at low in story.

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I’m running a i5 4670k and a single 970 at 2k, FXAA, dynamic shadows, Ultra textures, low physX and low shadows. The game averages about 90, but it sometimes drops to 50 for me, but that’s it. I’m thinking maybe SLI support is poor, I’ve never dropped much.

Also, I ran the game on my 880m laptop at almost all low settings and 1080p with about the same frame rate results (90 average, drops to about 40).

Your not playing in SLI. There is no official SLI profile for this. Confirmed if you overlay the % of GPU usage. My 980 ti SLI frame rate (3440X1440 drops significantly to low 50s in busy scenes. GPU usage shows 50-60% on ONE card only. The other never goes above 10% or so so not utilised.

Hopefully someone will come up with an NVIDIA Inspector profile in the meantime.

There are several threads talking about this, both here and on the Steam forums. Mostly seems to happen for people using AMD cards, but I’ve seen several posts with similar complaints from people using Nvidia cards as well.

Yup. Nvidia Gameworks is quite mandatorily used for Battleborn. In Borderlands, it was used for minor things (such as liquid physics), and could be DISABLED completely. For Battleborn, “low” is the best you can do, and it doesn’t really help much…

I have a GTX980TI , the map Coldsnap is unplayable (from what I have gathered pretty much for everyone) because of framedrops, this is the reason why nobody ever votes for that map . Also I need to restart the game after every pvp match because it seems the game has a memory leak and starts stuttering after a while. Lowering the textures to high means I can play two matches more or less without a reset, but if I keep it on Very high or Ultra I need to restart the game after every pvp match because of serieus frame dropping.

This is definitely not because of my setup but due to bad optimization. Its really A shame , because I am loving this game despite these flaws, but as it stands I can not recommend it to my friends because of these Issues.

I am being forced to play the same pvp maps over and over because nobody votes on the new maps (non beta maps) because of serieus stutter issues. Having to restart my game after every match is a pain… but I can live with it for now.

What bugs me however that there has been no word from the devs acknowledging these problems or letting us know if there is a fix on the way. I hope the issue gets resolved before another certain game gets its official release and start stealing the player base away because that game runs smooth as butter.

…Because contractually they are actually FORBIDDEN to do anything to help AMD fix it lol.

Part of the “contract” that Nvidia Gameworks makes developers sign when they use it essentially says “You are FORBIDDEN to share your source code with third parties.”

This means that AMD like, CANNOT create a decent optimization profile for the game, as they are basically trying to create them blind…

This is why I REFUSE to EVER buy a Nvidia card…
That being said - apparently even some Nvidia users are having the same issues, so it may just be dodgy optimization as well! n.nU

I actually have an NVIDIA card as stated in my post.
I am pointing out that NVIDIA card users are also having problems. The game is not well optimized for a lot of setups.

To be clear I have a GTX 980ti an intel I7 2600K running at 4.2 g and ddr 3 ram.

I am playing at 4k , the thing is it starts of fine at 60 fps but the stuttering starts after playing one match (at very high or ultra high texture resolutions) or two matches (at high texture resolution). This leads me to believe we are dealing with a memory leak. The stuttering on the coldsnap map not withstanding that stutters from the get go for everybody.

Just wanted to say that I still have the same Issue even after the latest patch, Coldsnap is a lot smoother though. Nevertheless I still need to reboot my game after one or two matches due to fps drops. Would be nice to get a response from someone stating why this might be the case.

Thank you

Just wanted to add to this thread that im having major performance issues with this game aswell. I have an nvidia gtx970 card. i can play a few games okay (but not great) then i get really bad stuttering and jittering which makes it unplayable. Only bought the game yesterday aswell. Really dont know what to do. Any dev response would be greatly appreciated.

Same issue here with GTX 980, but I can’t even play a game. The fps starts at 20 fps and after 2mins the fps are at 5-10. So unplayable. I checked the Sensors on GPU-Z. The PerfCap is on “Util” and the GPU Load is only at 10-13%? So, it looks like the GPU isn’t really used. Sometimes the GPU Core Clock and Memory Clock went down to the Base-Clock (between 100-300MHz Core and 160-400MHz Memory). Whats the problem with this game?

So, I just updated my drivers and whatnot. For shiggles, I went into GEForce Experience (which for me, usually says “optimal” is a much higher-load set of options than it should be) and checked what it said for Battleborn. Specs and settings are below.

I love you Gearbox – you’re in my hometown. But this is a bit silly. Did you set it for software acceleration instead of hardware?


Me and my friends all have the same problem, after 3-4 rounds of pvp, the game just stutters horribly and is only fixed after restarting the game. It’s so annoying!

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+1 to this exact issue.

I have zero problems, but I’m running a 6700K rig with 2 fury X’s in Crossfire(3440x1440). AMD released a Battleborn Crossfire driver a while back, and the game is smooth as butter with both cards fully utilized.

Checking in here. I have a 980ti too and get around 45fps with settings even on low. I’m trying to figure this out too and I’m finding there are many high end gpus that are having a problem. If I watch the usage of my gpu it never goes above 40% which means the game isn’t even using the gpu like it should. It doesn’t matter if it works for some people. That’s an anecdote.