Horrible Loot and Anointments from the games most difficult challenges

Simply thinking out-loud. After 30+ successful Wotan runs in Mayhem 4, I can’t say that it has been worth the effort in regards to the loot that’s dropped. Same with Slaughter Shaft. I appreciate the challenge, and completing/defeating it has its own rewards. But, we all play this game for the loot.

Loot that I have received/not received with Wotan:

  • 2 Kybs, in 30+ runs. 1 was a x3 with a 27 sized mag. The other was a x2 with an anointment for a character I don’t use.

  • 0 EMP5’s. Yes, 0.

  • Airborne anointments… garbage. Complete garbage. Ohh look, a Cutsman, oh wait, increased accuracy and fire rate while airborne. If I had to guess, I’d say 25% of legendary weapons dropped from Wotan have an airborne anointment.

  • Sliding anointments… also garbage aside from a very few select weapons. There’s always at-least 1 of these.

  • Anointments for other characters, especially Amara. I play with friends who have all different characters. When I’m playing solo, or when I’m playing with a friend who is Flak, Zane or Moze, I still get a ton of legendaries with Amara anointments. I do not use Amara. I main Moze and Zane. Yet at-least 1/2 the loot is anointed for Amara.

  • Malaks Bane, Woodblocker, Wicked Wagon Wheel, ASMD, and all the other crappy weapons, must have the best drop chance.

Anyhow, all I’m saying is I think it would be fantastico if Wotan, and Slaughter Shaft, would be a lot more rewarding. With more rare/powerful/useful weapons, shields, class mods, etc., for the character that you’re currently using. Even if just 1, yup just 1, powerful and useful gear item dropped, out of the 5, 10, 15, 20, 50+ legendaries that drop, I’d be content. At least you’d know that there’s a chance that the difficult challenge will be rewarding, even if you already have the item, it’s still rewarding to see a useful item dropped. For example, I was psyched to find a CMT grenade with 25% weapon dmg on throw in a vending machine. I already have one from trading. But, it was still rewarding because it’s an awesome and useful gear item.

(Redacted by PH :face_with_monocle: )


I use an airborn anointment (accuracy) on my shock cutsman for taking out Wotan’s shield when being flung up the lift thing.

Granted, this is a pretty specific use of it, but does show that every anointment has a use (whether we choose to use it that way or not).

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I see where you coming from and seeing the same issue I’m having with crap VH annointeds I’m not using. Shouldn’t be a thing at all. Here’s the link below Okay Now I'm Mad. A Legit Concern With This Game

My rant is lengthy though. Annointeds and rng is just way too much in this game

Just for clarification the Crader’s emp5 drops from the agonizer 9000.

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Is it just from Agonizer? I thought it dropped from both Wotan and Agonizer.

Might want to delete the comment about duping. I like the post and want it to get supported but this is a must.

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For me, not really. For me the loot is simply a means to an end, where the end is primarily about shooting/killing.

During the many years where I didn’t play any BL games I spent some time playing Killing Floor 2 (KF2) and that game changed how I thought about and approached FPSs. KF2 gave me an appreciation for good shooting and just good shooting mechanics. So in BL3 I am not motivated to collect loot for its own sake but more to explore what I can do with it when I get it.


Come on gearbox, if airborne and slide anoints are gonna be so prevalent can we at least get a combo of airborne and slide anoints! It would make the anoint a bit more useful in a wider range of scenarios. And I also solo’d the takedown the other day and got 1 legendary from the whole Wotan fight. 1 legendary!!!

I’ve had the craders emp5 drop once from the valk squad. As well as from agonizer, but never Wotan.

GB is well aware of duping. It’s only further encouraged by the horrible reward system in place. Be happy to remove it if GB has a problem with it in the post.

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Somehow I can’t imagine the game devs are going to have a lot of empathy when you say you are farming their most difficult content but want better gear.:man_shrugging:

If I farm the slaughter shaft and there are about 40 legendaries drooped Im glad if one is usefull… So yeah this is how rng works.


Are you saying that after the entire floor of Slaughter Shaft is covered with legendaries, that there might not be any useful ones? Yup! Lol. So true. Unless you are constantly airborne, or sliding.

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True takedown mode on m4 is no good for loot, between the lack of dedicated drops and the fact that a team will get the 4 piles of the same loot it seems to only serve the purpose of giving us atleast one piece of challenging content.

I actually farm on mm1 or 2 when I’m farming because it’s so much quicker but I still have to do several runs to get a dedicated drop.


Yeah, I farm at M3 max as I see no appreciable difference in loot quality, dedicated drops or anointments between M3 and M4

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Yep this happens so often. I Look for specific items like Brainstormer, Maggie, Layuda, the Call guns, Cutsman or some epic guns. The rest is crap for me. I dont need a dying breath, musket, the flood or a ten gallon. I just deleted my game btw. :relieved:


I play all the characters so I stash off items for everyone! Granted I’ve been playing Amara & Fl4k more these days but at least I have an idea of which anointments look good for various characters. In general, though, I agree – too many Woodblockers, ASMDs, slide, & airborne anointments, etc. It’s almost as if there’s differently tiered legendaries that make us get more Woodblockers (for instance) than Kybs or Redistributors?

I’m thinking the same. Weapons are classified under different rates of RNG. Kybs and redistributor being the worst at 0% except for Tuesday’s at 3:47am where it goes from 0% to 0.000001%.

Well, they say it drops from Agonizer 9000.
Farmed him approximately 60 times, and saw zero Craders.
This was on M4.
The only Craders I have ever seen was one given to me by a nice forumer.

RNG is a big thing in this game which is understandable to a point. But getting the specific item to drop can be a real PITA, let alone the next layer of hoping it is the element you want, then the next layer of anointments.

Playing the harder content should definitely increase the chances of something good dropping, but does not always seem to be the case.
Nothing should be absolutely guaranteed, but the chances should be increased the harder the content you play.

According to the fan based spreadsheet, it drops from both Wotan/Valkyries and Agonizer 9k (but on m4 only for both loot sources).

Course, that doesn’t mean the spreadsheet is correct/perfect, but I’ve found it to be pretty good in most cases.