Horrible Loot and Anointments from the games most difficult challenges

Sadly yes.
Yesterday, there were plenty of legendaries littering the floor.
The best item I got was a purple shield that had over 20500 hp. No anointment but a nice high number I set aside for Moze.
A decent dueling Stagecoach purple as well. The rest all got sold :neutral_face:

But said gear is locked behind that content and have terrible drop rates. I see no problem with his complaint in that department

I checked and Valkyrie’s has a chance to drop it but in my over 70 kills of the Valkyrie squad not once did I ever seen one drop. In fact i’ve only ever seen it drop from Agonizer.

The drop rates for the actual legendaries themselves could use a small boost. As for the whining about not getting the options and anointment they want when one does drop they can blame their relationship with RNGesus. If they just boost the former so there are more actual drops then people can try their luck more frequently at getting the specific stats they want. Essentially like buying more lotto tickets to increase your chance of winning the lottery. A lot of these people probably have been playing Destiny for awhile which has no stat variations on an item. You just need it to drop once and never have to look for it again because you can just “level” it up when they raise the light cap. People call that game a looter but it doesn’t really feel like one to me.

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Both of mine dropped from the Valkyrie squad.

RNGeesus is on your side my friend.

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Good point and there is very little that can be done about needing certain elements/anointments other than cutting out what people view as the useless ones. I agree that the takedown needs to be more rewarding for the effort/time commitment compared to boss farming, if I was guaranteed 1 weapon or mod exclusive to the takedown (or m4) on m4 I’d be happy. But I’ve ran the takedown too many times and only gotten gear you can farm elsewhere, hell if they removed world drops from wotan and made his loot pool primarily takedown gear I’d love that


I agree. It’s funny, your post reminds me of another thought I had. During my first play through I was awestruck after discovering all of the vaults. Here we are, mighty “Vault Hunters”, hunting for vaults and the treasures that lie within. Well as we’ve all experienced, the most underwhelming loot is found in the treasure boxes in the vaults. I thought to myself “shouldn’t the treasure in the vaults be the very best gear in the game?!”


Judging the recent threads on crappy drops and anointments, I’d say something has recently changed.

People complain about drop rates on a regular basis. This game especially has had extremely low chance rolls on good anoints from the beginning.

The threads popping up about it are entirely expected regardless of what the actual rate is. These threads pop up regularly and have done since Bl1. Since the end of the loot frenzy the drop rates have gone untouched. In fact the rates are better now than they were before the event.

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I can’t say I agree, previous to the event I don’t remember ever seeing white or green loot items drop in M4.

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You say that they’ve gone untouched and then you say that they’re better. Which one is it? Do you have any proof to support your claim?

My personal experience doesn’t agree with what you’re saying. Drops definitely feel worse to me.

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The loot frenzy was the last time drop rates were adjusted. The rates before the loot frenzy were worse than they are now.

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I’m not so sure, its said those rates were kept, although im consistently getting no loot out of heckle/hyde and el drago jr., aswell as entire runs of takedown without a single anointed item - since last weeks hotfix. This week im also being killed by the hollowpoint perk again (for the past month it didnt do any self damage - blastmaster + lucky7 nonsplash roll)

  • only sort of farming i can say has the intended rates; is slaughter shaft

You forgot save file sharing to only a fool would spend hours,days, weeks farming. Why do all that when there is a solution a thousand times easier and with zero repercussions.


I think the vault unique collectibles during the story was the loot focus, Eridian puncher etc.