Horrible Performance

When I first got this game, there were no issues. I haven’t played it in a while and now it’s all but unplayable. Everything looks fine, but it feels like it’s running about 2fps. I have updated to the latest NVIDIA drivers. The only change that I know of is that I am now running Windows 10 whereas I was on Windows 7 when I installed the game. Also, there is still a bug where the logo does not display on the sample ship when you are creating a user profile. This has been a bug since the game released.

Windows 10 user here, no frame rate issues. What’s task manager show for cpu and memory usage and by what process?

Are you on a laptop ? If that’s the case, verify that you’re not using the integrated graphics

It’s an Alienware PC with 16GB of RAM…barely any RAM or CPU in use when the game is running. Like I said, it used to work fine. Maybe there was a patch installed that did something? I don’t know because I use Steam’s auto-patching so I don’t know the last time it was updated.

Verify your graphics config. I wouldn’t be surprised if a driver update or windows10 screwed your optimus settings

Perhaps the Nvidia driver settings are trying to run additional Anti-Aliasing/Anisotropic Filtering on top of what the game’s already doing? Make sure to disable any Nvidia overlays.

There have been no patches since about August.

Good ideas, thanks. I turned off all of the NVIDIA stuff but that didn’t do anything. Then I used GEForce Experience to let NVIDIA set the optimal settings. Now the game runs smoothly, but a lot of in-game settings are not maxed. I could have sworn that I had everything maxed before and it ran just as smooth. :confused: