HORRIBLE teams every game

i don’t know if I’m the only one who has noticed this but every game i go into i am the only one who does anything i look at the leader board at the end of the game and I’m in first place for everything i do all the work i kill all the people destroy everything build everything when the single Merc comes up I’m the one doing it when the double one comes up I’m the only one there killing them until the enemy team comes and steals it because i cant kill 4 people solo i tried talking in game chat tried setting points on the map but NOBODY ever listens to anything sometimes i feel like I’m in games with a bunch of 3 year old’s.
where you then look at the enemy team and its like there a group of perfectly synced trained dedicated players out of all the games i do i win maybe 1/5 of them purely because my teams are horrible as can be everyone sits at out base and just defends they never push and even then they don’t try and stop minions or build anything they only sit there and try to kill players while I’m running around juggling the whole game myself
where the other team is smart there building stuff taking Mercs killing minions killing players and have one person playing some high DPS character sitting in the side room on incursion solo killing the sentry the whole time.
is anyone else relating to this or is it just me and having horrible luck with teams?


If you had some buddy’s to play with it should help you should lead them since your so good .

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Sounds like a bit of bad luck. I’ve had both good and bad teams. To this day I haven’t met a Rath player that didn’t think he was invincible lol. But lately I’ve had some really good games.

Partner up. Ask for friends to play with here on the forums if need be

man i wish i could, i look in each game to see if anyone is good enough to invite into a group and get a group of people going but nobody is anywhere near even mediocre on my teams. i mean they are baaaad i stopped and watched for a min and a good 80% of there shots missed. they would miss every skill they would run in a strait line right at someone while being shot at.
Also none of my friends play this game I’ve been trying to get a few who will buy it and i got one who will when he gets his paycheck another one broke her hand so she cant hold a controller right now and my girlfriend is debating buying it but shes not into these types of games.

I can’t say if I’m good, bad or what, but I’ve had a pretty wide spectrum of experience in PvP. Crappy teams who don’t talk. Great random teams that don’t talk. Great teams who don’t talk, lose, but it was a super entertaining game. Horrible teams that somehow still win.

Sounds like you expectation is to win.
There are plenty of threads to join groups for PvP. Check them out.

Stack up with people on the message boards. I’ve been playing with @Goldhawk and his friends today and we won all but 1 of our matches. Be social. Makes some friends.

im more or less giving up on the game and gonna buy overwatch cause every match i do isnt worth it domination every game gets old very fast
capture first 1 min 30 sec they own all 3 points and have 200 score.
meltdown 1 man in the other lane leading all minions through with nobody stopping him
incursion one man backdooring the sentry the whole time nobody stopping him
every team i do communication or not they all suck its getting really boring :confused:

Do you play on ps4?


Ok, just wanted to make sure I’d never get stuck playing on your team :slight_smile:


yeah just wish i could transfer the game over here to pc in hopes theres a better playerbase lol

Nah… its not. Same here on PC… fighting again 50+ premades with a below 10 team coz I’m 50. Sure… you CAN win… but you wont.

suggestion… put lvl brackets into PvP. e.g. <10, 11-30 and all 31+ or something
I have no problems with playing with lows and explain things but you simply need some time to get into the game and it just sux in PvP

its not so much the low levels being in my games thats bad, its the fact even high levels appear to have no idea what they’re doing its just kill players no players lets stand and wait for some and ignore everything else until some other players come back to fight. nobody does a damn thing except for player killing. no objective no minion kills nothing… pure player killing


Agreed… People just feeding the other team thinking it’s Overwatch.

Starting to get upset with the Level System… Should’ve separated online/offline Ranks so people aren’t confused with who know how to play and who doesn’t.

Most players just run in and start swinging blind like it’s Story Mode… They don’t understand synergy or how to deal with opponent characters.

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Aye… that too. There are wonderful intros before every match which explain what to do to win… but people simply dont care :smiley:
But I could observe that advenced players (and i suppose if you got above a certain lvl you are advanced) DO want to win for achievements, titles or whatever) however new players wanna test themselves and try out things and stuff which is totally okay, but its just annoying if you wanna win.

or it would be nice if you could at least phase through allied members. more times then not ive died because someone is playing Montana and is right behind me body-blocking me the whole time until i die

If you are on pc I can help you out and play with you. I play with a lot of people who are pretty decent and I don’t consider myself bad either.

thanks but im on xbox :cactus: enjoy a cactus tho lol

See ya. Have fun with Overwatch.

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