Host preferential treatment?

Hi, just wondering if being the host of a party is supposed to have boosted bonus effects on the skill trees?

Myself and my brother, both running the same build on Zane with the same gear, but the host of the party will have boosted effects on the skill trees.

Sorry if I’ve missed patch notes on this prior.

The host in multiplayer, peer-to-peer games often have ‘advantages.’ These advantages aren’t programmed in, they’re just a function of less lag & greater responsiveness. Sometimes things are also bugged for non-hosts but not for the host. So, no patch note (since not intentional) but if you could pinpoint more precisely what worked/didn’t work maybe Gearbox could get on it?

It’s just a display error, non-host player will get all the bonuses during gameplay.
You can test it easily in Sanctuary if you want.

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We are both playing on the same connection and there is no lag/delay

The differences came with the % for the host compared to the other person, for example the Donnybrook talent in the Zane digi clone skill tree, the host will have 6 points with the class mod giving 27% gun damage, 4.5% health regen per second while the non host will only have 18% gun damage and 3.0%

We tried relogging, respecing and switching between who was host, each time the host had the better stats

Curious. Are you getting these stats from the character tree? I haven’t heard any hint in the patch notes that there’s anything intentional going on. But, since you have the numbers, maybe relay the info to their Support desk?

Wonder if Gearbox cares?