Hosted a game with people I dont know, and got a new EULA?

A forum that I like is trying to do weekly coop events for our forum, and I agreed to be one of the people to do 1 a week (PC).
So, I started hosting it today, and launched the game fine, no EULA or anything.
As SOON AS I invited the 2 people to play with me, I got 2 new ‘Gearbox’ EULA’s, which I just agreed to w/o looking at them.
It was only after ending the game that I started thinking about this (one of the guys playing had modded gear, and I didnt know about it until almost the end of the game, and then remember him posting something about how he could hack and make viruses if he wanted to, in a thread on our forum).
I have played the game, as late as 1 week ago, by myself, and never got any new EULA notices.

So, my question(s):

  1. This is my 1st hosting of BL2 on this new computer I have. So, could these new EULA’s have been just ordinary EULA’s, just because of the new computer? If so, where can I read this (preferably on my computer, in the game somewhere?).

  2. Did Gearbox JUST put out a new EULA in the last week? If so, where can I read this (preferably on my computer, in the game somewhere?).

  3. Could I have been hacked through the host/playersnetworking?

Also, if no one can answer my questions, where do I go to get tech support about this?
I dont hack, and dont want hackers playing with me, and we are supposed to do this again next week.

Thanks for any info you can provide.

When I played the game yesterday I got a new EULA notice and I play on the XBox One. I imagine it went to everyone that has the game, regardless of system. I would imagine that the support section of the Gearbox forum would have the complete, updated EULA to look at…

Thank you VERY much for posting this.
Relieves my thoughts of a hacker.