Hostile_Takeover.exe vs The DeTurtler

Is there something I am missing or are they literally the same item except that The DeTurtler has significantly better Shield Pen?

You should post pictures of the items. Those of us that do not own the item have no idea what you are comparing.

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Sorry ^_^;; below are screenshots of the two items.

They seem to do basically the same, but the Dart “De Turtler” has higher stats on Shield Pen, because of its geartype.
I´d say: Badass combo for any Sniper! (except Eldrid of course)

Super high shield pen of course, and that was my first thought too, but the legendary effects won’t stack right? Seems like 16 seconds of no shield regen would be a tad OP

Nyahhh I don´t think the effects stack…would be faaaaar to evil!

Darn >.< in that case, one would be better off using one of those items (DeTurtler most likely since it has the better stats) and a non legendary piece that has near the same effect but costs less right??

The DeTurtler is definitely the better of the two with that high roll on Shield Pen, but your Hostile Takeover is a tad bit lower than mine(10-ish % on both stats), which means it must be on the lower end of rolls for that gear type. In any case, congrats.